Need help which to level next

I need some expert help on which chars to focus on next:
I only type the highest leveled 4* (I have doubletts on most so please let me know if its better to level a second of someone instead of some other hero).

Purple 5*
Victor 3-70
Domitia 3-70
Orbakan 1-12
Grimble 1-1
Rigard max+7
Proteus max+8
Merlin 4-40 (leveling atm)
Tiburtus 3-60
Gafar 1-24
Sabina 1-24
Anemona 1-1
Chestire cat 1-1
Jabbar 1-1
Cyprian 1-1

Yellow 5*
Ranivir 3-70
Iniari 3-17
Ranivir 1-34

Wu kong 4-45
Li Xiu 4-14
Guardian Jackal 4-5 (levelling atm)
Danzaburo 1-1
Chao 1-1
Hu Tao 1-1

Blue 5*
Magni max +4
Isarina 3-70
Richard 1-35
2x Thorne 1-1

Grimm max+9
Triton 3-32
Sonya 2-30
Kiril 2-3
Boril 1-1
Ruter kapten 1-1 (Diamons captain…)
Agawe 1-1

Green 5*
Kingston max
Margareta 2-20
Kardilien 1-29 (leveling atm)
Margareta 1-1

Hans max+4
Kashrek max+3
Caedmon 3-60
Melendor 3-60
Skitterskull 1-4
Little John 1-4
Slukare 1-1 (the green frog from atlantis)
Buddy 1-1
Gadeus 1-1

Red 5*
Queen of hearts max +5
Khargan 2-60
Elena 2-20
Grazul 2-53
2x Grazul 1-1

Boldtusk max +1
Colen 3-60
Scarlett 3-60
Sumitomo 1-3
Gormek 1-4
Kelile 1-4
Wilbur 1-1
Guardian Falcon 1-1
Sir lancelot 1-4

I have tabards to ascend 1 purple (lacking 1 tool for trap)
I can ascend 1 yellow 5*
I lack 1 telescope but have mats to ascend 1 4* blue (thinking of ascending isarina)
Lack 4 tonicum for next 5so will take awhile
Have mats for 1 4
and lack 2 rings (1 if I can manage to beat last stage in xmas event)

So which heros should I go for?
What heroes should I keep a look out for in the different colours that would work good with what i have (like old hotm - atlantis)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Red: Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Colen, Grazul 3.70
Green: Buddy, Melendor, Caedmon, Kadilen 3.70
Blue: Triton 3.60, Kiril, Sonya, Richard (great tank), continue Triton to max
Yellow: no comment
Purple: no comment

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You should focus on the best epics. The dupes are not a problem. Actually the more you have, the better. You need at least 2 Rigard, Sabina, Bold, Kiril, Sonya, Caedmon…

Don’t bother with the following epics (because advancing in the game, next year you will realize how useless they are):

Purple - Jabbar and Cyprian. The fact you put them at the bottom of the list, tells me you even know how useless they are…

Yellow - Hu Tao

Blue - Boril, Captain of Diamonds and Agwe

Green - Skittleskull and Gobbler

Red - Sir Lancelot

Those above are the most useless epics for an experienced player. So, level anything else on every colour; I see you have a lot of work to do. When you will finish them all, I hope you will have such experience to understand you better level dupes than those heroes I listed.

P.S. The priority should be:

Purple - the cat and Sabina
Yellow - finishing Li (after Jackal) and Chao
Blue - Kiril and Sonya
Green - Buddy, then finishing Melendor and Caedmon
Red - Wilbur and Falcon

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I feel i need some more hitters for the guild wars. I can put together 3 good teams and then 2 so so teams and 1 3* atm.

For my defence team I use Queen of hearts - Rigard - Kingston - Ranivir - Magni I dont think I should replace anyone there with wilbur and even though i hate to meet wilbur I dont really see a place for him atm… I think he is an awesome utility char but I dont really know when to bring him in a war… I would rather have someone that kills stuff.
Why is falcon so good? (I seen people recommend him in other posts too)
Blue: Should I really max Richard before isarina? I never thought Richard was worth maxing at all?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I will soon be able to ascend a purple 5* Should I go with Victor or Domitia?
Should I do the cat and Sabina directly of finish levelling Merklin first?

Is buddy that good?

Hmm ok I have to take another look at wilbur and falcon then I guess.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, Raid defense IMO, from based on all you have QoH or Boldtusk with emblems is better as tank over Kingston, and Magni better as flank.
You can see a standar best position here: 5* heroes positioning guide and 4* heroes positioning guide.

I’m not saying leveling those for defense, it is for leveling project everywhere in game, Wilbur is prety useful for every Titan to survive allies and gave +def down. Also very helpful for maps, quests, event, seasonal, Epic/Legend Tournament etc.

The only one hero skill thats doing elemental def down red, and crusial for Titan, also very helpfull stack for raid, maps, etc…
Just like others elemental def down: Jackal, Arthur/Frida, Evelyn, Panther <-- only those are the elemental def down. And those are stack with normal def down like Wilbur, Gormek, Grimm, Athena, Isarnia, White Rabbit, etc…

If you want to wait, thats better, but Richard is worth to ascend after Magni, best Regular blue.

At your first question, I wouldn’t ascend a legendary yet. This would be a strategically mistake. Like I said, you should focus on your epics for now. And here comes the answer at your second question; of course after you finish the heroes you have in progress.

I repeat, no legendaries for now. You need a strong epic roster first. And much more experience in this game. The fact you don’t know how great are Buddy, Wilbur and Falcon, tells me you have a lot to learn. But trust me, with the most things, you will figure out, yourself, by playing, battling, experimenting, every single day :slightly_smiling_face: During the first year, I did this 18-hours of 24. Yep, I actually was online 18 hours every single day :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, for flexible raid and war bench, I was with project minimum 3x maxed epics on each color, then start leveling legendary.

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Haha thats impressive. Ok thank you for helping me out :slight_smile:

Sorry I wrote them as they popped up from memory. I use Rigard as tank next to him magni and QoH and furthest out i have Kingston on one side and Ranivir on the other.

Ok, just got my 6th telescope and really wanted to level isarina… but Ill wait. Thanks for all advice :slight_smile:

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