Next steps-recommendation for progressing

Hi all.

Just thought it would be good to have some ideas and recommendations for next steps, particularly about who to max and where to use mats (as I do not have a lot)

Here is my current roster


Vivica 3-70 (no costume)
Li Xiu 4-70 + 20* + costume bonus
Chao 4-70 + 17*


Cipriano 4-70 (now heavy emblems but to go to Telluria)
Proteus 4-70
Rigard 4-30 being maxed. Costume available
Tiburtus 3-31 being maxed. Costume available


Colen 4-70 + 15*
G Falcon 4-70
Lancelot 4-60
Boltusk 3-40 being maxed. Costume available.


Telluria 4-60
Horgall 3-31
Melendor 4-70 + 13*. Costume nearly fully maxed.
Caedmon 4-61 being maxed
Skittle costume 2-50


Vela 4-32 being maxed
Richard 3-49. Costume available in 2-40.
Grimm 4-64

Now the waiting list


3 Richards

7 melendor
3 Li Xiu
2 Grimm
1 Boltusk
3 Cipriano
1 Chao
1 G Falcon
1 Rigard
1 proteus
2 Hormel

My objectives are:

Titan damage increase. Really struggling sometimes with 10-11 stars. Trying to get from TC20 a Wukong but no success so far

War improvement. Now heading allies with avg 4000 defense or higher and good scoring with 2-3 shots but some being completed with 3*

Raid defense: Telluria and Vela look like a must but who else? Now running Li Xiu-Vela-Telly-Colen- Chao and good for low diamond but clearly some improvement can be achieved.

Many thanks!

I’d definitely get the costumes maxed for rigard, tibs and bold.

Leave horghall at 3/70.
Finish skittle’s costume and all the others on fourth tier (which I think you mentioned you were doing)

Max: Scarlett, falcon, proteus, gadeirus, rigard2, sabina, triton.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile: happy grinding!

Aren’t you supposed to be in class?

I’m getting there…

Doesn’t take 25 minutes to put on pants

Oh and yea what she said should work. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll play damage repair :grin::grin:

Many thanks for the tips.

It is worth maxing Skittle then? The non costume is yet at 2-50.

Regarding Vivica, should I spend the darts? What is your view on it

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Do you plan to do a heavy summon in this month? Or have 4 TC20 running?

If yes, wait a bit (until the end of month) . If not, then spend a darts, but Vivica works on 3/70.

Do you like her? If yes, then max, if not - not. I see diverse opinions about her.

I am running 2 TC20 and not planning to summon at all this month. My yellow priority is Wu for titans but Vivica would be more for the defense team. Not sure if she fits ok though with Telly unless I get the custom for her…

Skittle…well I don’t see her as very useful even for wars now…too slow.

I’ve never maxed skittle but hear she’s useful in some of the more advanced map stages… and in fast raid tournaments and trials. I wouldn’t make her a priority. :woman_shrugging:

Viv is great for a S1 healer/cleanser. I used her for a long time until I was lucky enough to pull ladyW. She’ll be useful in wars in the beginning but you’ll get frustrated with her slow mana speed eventually. On titans, her attack stat is pretty decent and you can use items to trigger her defense buff.

So to answer your question… yes I think she’s worth the darts.

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Then just ascend her) Vivica was my first desire, when I start playing) Always like healers)

Thanks for your inputs!

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