Needing a little help from the experts

I’ve been playing seriously for a few months and have some good heroes but would like to get some opinions of defense team and maybe where to really focus my attention. Please give me some advice

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I’m no expert and was hoping for some insight from more experienced players, BUT where are your maxed 3 and 4* cards?


I would start on one then get something else and start on it lol. Wasted a ton!

I’m sure you will get a ton of very good advice on who to level so I won’t be getting in a way. The only thing I will say is, stop chasing 5* as they will take moooonths to level. Instead use you gems on hero capacity so you don’t feed your 3 and 4 stars away before you have a fully maxed set of cards for wars. You need 6 teams and it’s good to be able to chose the cards you need for each attack. If you focus on the shiny 5* to early you will end up with one goodish attach and 5 wannabe cleanups xx


So, yeah, you should work on your 3s and 4s. If you score high enough you can get some 3 and 4 level mats from the 3* raid tourney. I’ve received rings, trap tools, and blade in the top 1, 5, and 10% and none of my 3s have been given emblems.

So try to do at least 2 of each color. You have a great starting 5 with Namahage, Melia, Hisan (or Mnesseus if you want a debuff), Gato, and Chochin.

When you do that, finish Mel then do Hansel, Rigard then Gafar or Sabina, Sonya and Grimm, Colen and BT, Wu then Gretel.


Very much appreciate it. Yea I got a little stupid with it to say the least lol

I wouldn’t say stupid. Chasing 5* is very tempting and sometimes gets in the way of leveling the backbone cards which in reality are 4*.

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Unfortunately, you fell into the 5* trap. This game entices you with flashy 5s to chase, but without ascension mats, they arent as helpful as maxed 4. I would shift your attention to levelling your 3* teams first, followed by 4s, and then, once you have finally got some ascension mats, the 5s…

This game is about patience, and even if you are a p2w player, you will eventually run into the paywall of levelling any hero. Best way to get mats is to be successful in titans, challenge events, and wars, and this is where you will find the other teams more successful.

Looking at your roster though, you have the necessary 4* to start with, mainly: rigard, boldtusk, wukong (for titans), hansel, gretel, and sonya will be the most helpful in everything

3*: gato, hisan, namahage, chochin, and melia would be my starting points

Get those 2 teams rolling first, and you will be more flexible in getting ascension mats and will enjoy the game much more than the frustration of maxing a single 5*.

Good luck!


Thank Y’all very much. That’s what I needed to hear lol. Gonna try this again!


I can only agree with what has been said here. I strongly suggest maxing at least two solid rainbow sets of 4s before shifting your attention to any 5s. Also, it would be much easier if you could focus only on a single hero of each color at a time, feeding him with the same color feeders. From what I can see in your roster, the key heroes you would want to focus on are:
Fire: Boldtusk
Nature: Hansel (!), Melendor
Ice: Grimm, Kiril
Holy: WuKong (!), Gretel
Dark: Rigard, Gafar
Also, you may want to consider leveling some 3s as well, in order to be able to participate in 3 tournaments and 3* levels of monthly events. They may also be a good help in alliance wars for a good while.
Once you have all that, you can start leveling your 5s. Remember that a 5 hero stuck at 3.70 usually is not as good as finished 4* hero, so if you are still short of the necessary 4* ascention mats, just keep building your 4* roster. Besides, you will be able to improve your finished 4s, using the class emblems, which will make them close to 5 level. For 5*s, to improve, it will take 3x more of those emblems. Good luck!


I agree with the others that you need to work on heroes that are below 5* for now. I don’t see many 3* options in your list ( none of which are base heroes), so I’m going to comment by color on the 4* I’d focus on, and add anything about the 3* I see.

I recommend you expand Hero storage with gems. It’s cheap, and you will need it. I also recommend you set up a priority list for each color, and feed on color.

If you are in an alliance and aren’t getting A grade titan loot often, I suggest you work on Wu Kong as your yellow. I know he’s a 4*, but you have him part way to the third tier already. You do also have Ranvir, who is better, but he’s a 5* and so much more expensive for that last tier. If titan loot isn’t a problem, you could work on Gretel - I don’t have her, but she is pretty annoying to face and good. Melia is great for a 3*. Working on her before Wu makes sense if you aren’t having alliance war issues, and if Bane is leveled up fully already - he is also great, and we know you got him at one point - hopefully you didn’t feed him away.

Blue: This is tough between Kiril & Grimm. Grimm is a good debuffer, but Kiril is a good buffer and healer. It’s acoin flip for me, but since I don’t see Tiburtus or Gormek, I lean towards Grimm, plus he’s farther along. Gato is a nice 3* blue hero. He should be worked on as well.

Boldtusk. That’s simply the fact that you will always need healers, and he’s so darn good at lots of things, and buffs you. Namahage is a good 3* red hero, so I’d make sure to work on him.

Rigard cleanses and heals. he’s the furthest along of your 4* purple, and is very good, so I’d work on him first of those. Chochin seems good, but I’d be looking for Balthazar as a 3* purple.

Melendor heals and debuffs, and is the furthest along of your 4* green, so I’d finish him first. Hansel is really good, and is a great choice as well, but my thinking is to finish off the healer first, since they are furthest along. You have good green 3* options in Muggy, Hisan, and Mnessus. All are worthwhile. Belith and Brienne would be good 3* green options if you have them.


I appreciate all the advice. Really guys it’s nice to have everyone that will help when you need. Thanks again and I have changed my game plan now lol

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