Leveling Leonidas?

I can level up Leonidas. I have him at 3/70. Indeed he was my first 5*
My maxed yellow are Sif and Joon and I have another copy of Joon at 1/1.
Is it useful having Leo maxed or I wait for other opportunity of catching other 5* yellow hero.
My 4* : liu, Mist wu kong and the grat pig (sorry but I’m not able to write his name).

haha Guilinbursti

Id level another copy of Joon before Leonidas. And even another copy of Mist (Her ability is more useful then leo one) what is more if you compare Leonidas stats with Mist stats and you throw some emblems to Mist you turn her as strong as Leo in terms of pure stats. I wouldnt max Leonidas nor embleming him
Sorry i dont want to sound so negative about him but i dont like him very much. I hope a costume could strengh this hero who is getting outdated


I wouldn’t level Leo before a second Joon unless you have a level 23 mana troop.


nope. leonidas was ok a couple years ago, but now not so much. Maybe he will get a good costume.

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Second Joon is way more useful than Leo, bench him and don’t ever let him steal your darts!


My outlook is opposite of everyone else’s here because Leonidas was either my first or second yellow 5*. I made the mistake of holding back because everyone said how bad he is, but in reality, he’s pretty good.

It’s a matter of preference, I prefer having a variety of heroes, and Leonidas’ mana cut/heal special is pretty useful, particularly in last hero standing situation. You don’t have Chao mentioned, so if you had him instead, I would say Leonidas may not be as useful; however, when I stack yellow, it’s usually Leonidas, Malosi, Lady Woolerton or Rana, depending on what I need.

I only recently gotten Joon, and right now he is sitting in line behind Mist. It also depends on how many darts and what other heroes you have.


I have a maxed Leo and he usually doesn’t make it off the bench for even wars…a LOT of 4* heroes are better (especially with emblems). I’d go Joon #2 over Leo for sure.

I would somewhat agree with this assessment if he had a lv 23 mana troop. That one match difference before you charge your special could be the difference between a win and a loss.

He’s my favorite on final stage for Tavern of Legends. I’d ascend him before 2nd Joon.

While useful, not a deal breaker. If we’re talking about closer to end-match, there’s usually some place to ghost tiles.

I have Chao in 1/1 and another Mist…

I leveled both Joon and Leonidas. I still use Joon on my defense team. I use Leonidas in certain situations for PvP, tournaments, events and wars. Leonidas does a great job if used in the right scenarios. Having them both has been a great luxury for me! :wink:

Second mist and then second Joon would be the right move
If you decided to go Leonidas you may regret later.

Everyone here saying they use leonidas in certain situations, sure they do but id rather take Mist than Leo to a battle .

So , if you want to max a subpar hero go ahead but you are using six darts

Chao is a serviceable 4* for depth as he is fast; however, he doesn’t heal and his mana cut is 25%. I ended up replacing him with Leonidas on the main team. But it’s up to you, Chao’s strength is that he is fast so that’s why I used him to provide a delay the defender’s specials.

No, but I’m thinking more beginning of the match where it’s just that much easier to get 3 matches (or 8 tiles) than 4 matches (or 10 tiles).

Another thing about Joon and Mist is that they have sinergy . They charge at the same time. Fire Mist , fire Joon and its a devasting combo.

Thats why i would chose second mist and joon before than mist /chao and Leonidas

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Ideal, yes… which is why I used to run Chao more until I decided to use the darts on Leo. But, considering that it was months before I got another yellow, I figured I might as well use them on Leo. I also had extra darts, so even if I pulled another 5* yellow, I wouldn’t have hurt for AM.

In my honest opinion, Joon is way better than Leonidas.
That said I much prefer variety.

I recently bring back Leonidas to the SS3-Hard map team (3-2 formation, customized) and to AW.
He works very well together with Neith as mana controllers and they both did a fantastic job to cut down mana of bosses or heroes in the fight.

Sadly, he is overwhelmed by Joon+Costume. I am looking forward to see Leonidas in Costume too.
I wish his costume will be ranger class, so that he could enjoy mana booster in talent node 8.
And something fancy like, hit 3 position and reduce mana 3 position, plus healing himself like Elkanen.

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