Yet another "this or that" to ascend... this time Joon (second) or Leonidas (first)

I don’t think anyone wouldn’t go with Joon, but what if you already have one maxed? The only other 3/70 58 hero I have is a second Vivica, but can’t see anyway to do that one.

My all yellow attack team is typically:
Malosi/Drake Fong/Vivica/Joon/Joon
With all maxed save the second Joon is still at 3/70 (no Masks for any)

Thanks for your thoughts

Might as well go with Leonidas. You shall get his costume someday.

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I have 2 Joon and a Leonidas maxed. I use both Joon regularly. I use Leonidas on occasion. Maybe if I had the costume … but I don’t.

Mind you, I don’t have Drake Fong.


If you already use Joon over Leo, I don’t see why you would ascend Leo first. Going back to your original point that Joon > Leo, it seems all signs point towards Joon. I often opt for the non dup, but don’t think it makes sense here.

Worst case you get Leo’s costume. Seems like a very good worst case.

I would consider your four star options. I’d much rather use Chao with emblems than Joon at 3/70.


Since I normally don’t get shiny new heroes often, I maxed a second classic Joon. Once I finally got Jackal, I even maxed a third Joon. :rofl: This was months before I got Joon’s costume, and I’ve emblemed my three Joons.

I didn’t get a single Leo until this year from HA10. Even though I have plenty of mats, I haven’t maxed Leo.


I will go against the trend here and advise to consider what you feel that you need more: another glass cannon fast heavy damage dealer with blind or an average mana cut hero with much better survivability. I have seen some people using Leonidas successfully in very fast wars.


I just finished leveling up Leonidas… within a DAY of getting the mat’s to ascend a 5* yellow to the 4th level.

And Emblems are used up up for Rangers already… and will be for a while before I get to Chao.

But, i think i’m more persuaded by the Joon arguments… the way my luck goes with the costumes, it’ll be a LONG time before I get a costume for Leonidas.

Thanks everyone!


To be very honest, the only time I would max Leonidas over a second Joon would be if I had the costume for Leonidas.
My Leonidas sits at 3/70 waiting for his costume

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I went the other way, and eventually ate the second Joon, for three reasons:

  • Leonidas was my first 5* and I promised him he would be levelled (he did have to queue behind Joon 1 for the first darts, but I did him soon after)

  • I like variety, and there are times when Leo hits the spot even though Joon is better in general

  • By the time I got dupe Joon I had Poseidon and Malosi which took priority

I don’t have costumes for either, yet. Costumes are so easy to level that if I got both next event (miracles do sometimes happen!) it wouldn’t matter much which I worked on first. Joon probably, as I use him on defence and I really think he is a weak link at the moment.


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