Leonidas with mana troops or 3rd Joon

Guys, I have maxed: 2 Joons, Onatel, Viv and Ranvir in yellows.

Deciding whether max 3rd Joon or Leon for AW attack.
I have lvl 23 mana troops.

Is here anybody playing with Leon with mana troops 23+?
How is he? Is he better in any way than 3rd Joon?
Thank you!

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I have both maxxed and I think that Leons mana cut of 40% could be a very strong weapon, specially if you are facing an opponent with slow or average mana heroes. Just think about having killed three heroes already and Alby or MN are bringing them back, with a 40% mana cut you have 3-4 moves more to clean the table.


So he is good antiAlby weapon.

Leo can be good on AW field aid defence because he also has a self heal. He can be tough to dig out from the corner.


And you prefer to bring Leonidas before Joon fot attack? How is it from your experience?

In my honest opinion, I would do Leonidas next, 100%
You will not be disappointed with his performance
Good luck

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For diversity, I also vote Leonidas…on a defense I underrated a lvl 10…Emblem Leo once and the battle went south, with lvl 23 mana troop you will be amazed at his performance on offense,

Also Leo is my first 5* in the game, just getting the 4th tier a few days ago after sitting at 3/70 for a very long time.

In terms of relevance, I’m hoping costume would give him attack 3 instead of just 1 currently.

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