Leveling hero’s costume -worth it?

In general if you have no intention of using a hero’s costume is it worth the resources to get the bonus?

For example I have Boril maxed and recently pulled his costume which I’m iffy on using it. Is the costume worth maxing costume just for the bonus?

In many situations - yes. If you regularly get 3* unfarmable items, you definitely should max all costumes on your maxed heroes.


Yes! For Boril, I think my defense went from 825 or something like that to like 890 when I maxed the costume for just the bonus.

No one needs to blast me with specific numbers, the point is…yes!

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Come on, doc, of course it is!

Leveling costumes goes Very quickly, and a fully leveled costume grants stat bonuses comparable to leveling your troops about 8-12 levels

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C Kirill is one of my favorite heros. He’s basically a 4s average isarnia that adds health.


C.Rigard is (imo) the only worthy 4* costume I’ve pulled. It can be used anywhere in the game.

C.Caedmon / C.Sonya are decent. C.Li Xiu is bad. C.Skittles is a joke. Terrible joke.

I don’t know about C.Boril, he sounds a bit meh but maybe that’s just me. Max Boril up anyway. It doesn’t cost that many resources to do it.

I wasn’t saying so much to use the costume but to gain the bonus

Well, it’s not like the costume bonus is going to hurt you, so might as well upgrade if you got it.

In my honest opinion, yes the costume bonus is worth the effort if you have already maxed the original hero.
However, I wouldn’t use Boril in Costume. The original form is much better
Good luck

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I think so. It’s making a hero that you already have maxed better. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Definitely worth it for the amount of resources needed. Go for it!

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I guess on how much you use the hero or are you going to use the hero iv got boril 1/1, but if I got his costume it wouldnt jump the que of next to level.
I had skittles maxed then got costume but I prob won’t level costume as other projects take priority. Also changing the class of the hero can befint certain players in trails.

I think I would max the costume in almost every case, just for the stat bonus. Maybe not if the original hero were at 1^1 AND I didn’t plan to use the costume, but otherwise, costumes are relatively cheap to level and take almost no rare mats. And the full bonus is the same as having like 5-6 talent levels. Not much of a downside.

Definitely don’t overlook the trials aspect. I leveled Skittles’ costume only because I needed some harder hitting clerics. And because there aren’t many good sorcerers on my roster, I have a Skittles +c18, emblemed along the attack path for clerics. Her attack stat is nothing to sneeze at.

In your case, for Boril, I would probably max the costume.


Yeah I maxed skittles just as a sorcerer I needed one she served me well in trials but if I wasn’t doing the 4* challenge she be swaped out. I probably won’t use much now, I got the costume not long ago and I have no need to max as I said to yah my green issue in another thread.
I do like the way different players use emblem on different heros, as people who play with theses hero’s day in day out find uses for them and can give a different pov on them. Like me with Amennoa people knock it but it works for me :sunglasses:

I was forever getting any legendary greens, so I still use Skittles for tile damage on blue titans. Expect that to get even better after drawing Almur today. Now I’m also thinking about working Almur and sorcerer Skittles into sorcerer trials.

Ameonna is relegated to titans for me now, but nobody better diss her. Like you, I found her pretty useful for a while. Still have her emblemed to +18 as well.

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Congrats on almur I got at last valla and gave +18 to him on my green team now yeah will give you another option in trials. He’s cool enjoy.
We going off topic so I’ll leave it at that.

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I always max the costumes for the bonus even if I only use the original. The mana boost often means a cheaper4* troop for a start


Average mana heroes with maxed costume and lvl 5 mana troops charge in 9 tiles (=pseudo fast)
This is the main reason for in current meta, additional stats are also welcome.
Yes, of course, no matter if used with or without costume.

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Answer – Yes.

Even if you have no intention of EVER using the costume version, the Costume Bonus by default makes the normal version better than if you didn’t level the costume up…

I mean take boril (your example):


Is there a larger image of other costume bonuses? Just curious to see improvement

Hey same! I just recently pulled his costume.

I don’t intend on ever using it, but default BOril gets a very meaty defense stat after it’s maxed. Pre-emblems defaul Boril easily shoots over 800 which is incredibly high for a 4* hero.

More defense = more counterattacks.

So yeah I’d say it’s worth it.

Regarding resources: costumes are super cheap, so if you have the maxed hero you may as well.