Leveling hero’s costume -worth it?

More defense = more counterattacks.

I believe is the opposite: More Defense = Less damage = Less Counterattack

Anyway, I maxed his costum and I’m also giving him emblems to use it as tank :laughing:


I see this argument all the time, but it makes no sense to me. Less defense means you die faster. If you want to keep casting counterattack, then you need to keep that hero alive, and that’s where the high defense stat comes in. If my caster dies, then I just have those >5 turns left. If my caster survives though, I can cast again for +5 more turns of counterattack.

Maybe it’s just my playstyle but I value Boril more than Cyprian for that reason. I still regularly bring Boril against some AoE heroes, Cyprian I keep benched currently because I find he dies before he can even cast usually. Neither have emblems though.


I believe we are looking from two different perspective.

If defense is higher, each counterattack is lower (do you agree with this, I guess)

However, if the defense is higher the hero can survive longer and the cumulative counterattack will (most probably) be higher. I do agree with this but I’m not sure how to analyze this, considering that it will depend on the board.

That said, let me repeat that I’m all for increasing Boril defense (I did it).


Yeah, check this thread out:

Has a comparison in both Excel & in pictures :slight_smile:


So what you really want is lower defense and higher HP, that is the best way to maximise riposte and survivability

For example, I have Elena at + 7 only using attack and HP, which is the superior approach in my view for riposte

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someone in my alliance put the emblems on Boril costume and he’s very good in our wars.

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More importantly, if I am not mistaken, ( will try to test this today ) Boril’s counter attach damage values are initiated with the attacking hero. Basically, the critical value for Boril is as you stated his Defense stat.

and as @Sh3r1ff said, the costume mana speed bonus is very helpful.

Especially on an average hero = costume mana bonus + Level 5 mana troop = charging in 9 tiles. That’s a big step up from 10 tiles, as you only need three 3-matches to charge.

This made my Tiburtus almost always charge at the same time as my fast-mana Seshat and Sartana… cue the carnage :slight_smile: