Costume Boril

I got him but I don’t have experience with this kind of heroes.
Is he good in defence?
Can he help a lot or not?
Is he good for max emblems?

Please visit this POLL: Who is Better - Maxed Hero with MCB or Maxed Costumed Hero to give you an idea which would be better: the original version with maxed costume bonus or the maxed costumed version.

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I use him all the time and have maxed the costume. The actual costume isn’t as good as the normal Boril but it is worth making the upgrade as you get the costume bonus.


I have Boril and his costume.
In my honest opinion Boril with just the costume bonus is better.


I got them so I wonder do I need Boril at all as tank?
Boldtusk is full costume maxed, Raffaele need emblems.

Just my opinion, but I would say no, you don’t need Boril for war defence or raid defence.
But he is still very useful in trials and raids and tournaments… I would max both him and his costume

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Boril was my 2nd ever 4*, when I was still F2P. I took him to 3.60 and tanked with him a long time but of course didn’t have the capes yet to ascend. By the time I had capes I had other blues with higher priority.

I finally maxed Boril after about a year once I got his costume. I use him on my 2nd blue team for war, for 4* raid tourneys, and sometimes for Hard map levels.

So my advice would be he’s worth eventually ascending with the costume bonus, but the priority for any one’s roster depends on the individual’s needs and where they are in the game… :woman_shrugging:


I mean, if these are your tank options, you could try Boril. Boldtusk is a fine tank up to a certain point, but I’d say Boril has a higher tank ceiling. Raffale is very sturdy, and his special is massive when it fires, but he is slow, green is replete with dispellers, and his special does nothing to punish the attacker when it fires. (I think he’s a good hero; I use him in wars. I just don’t think he’s especially good on defense.) At least Boril at tank makes it dangerous to use specials against your center until/unless dispelled. I also thought I saw a post here about how a Boril +c20 could have over 1,000 defense! That’s a tank that can take a beating. And if you use the costume version, his paladin talent could fire to drive it close to 1,300 for two turns.

BTW, I know what it’s like to struggle to find a good tank, so please don’t take this as trying to belittle your roster. We can’t all have Telluria. (I don’t!)


Thank a lot guys for great advices.
Iam so confusd what to do. Also got 2 Glenda s now and 2 Kadilen heroes.

Do you have the materials to max them? (1 Damascus blade, 1 Tome of Tactics, 8 warm capes, and 6 farsight telecopes for Glenda; 1 Damascus blade, 1 Tome of Tactics, 8 sturdy shields, and 6 mysterious tonics for Kadilen) If the answer is no, you need to be happy you have them and park them on the bench for a while. You will seriously hamstring yourself trying to level shiny five-star heroes only to hit the materials wall short of maxing them instead of leveling heroes you actually have the stuff to max and using those to get the stuff you need to max your big guns.


The thing with Boril is that he is EXTREMELY useful for newer players getting through map levels / harder quest levels. A lot of experienced players tend to forget this (though to be fair, you’ve received good advice in this thread). You’ll probably use him a lot less in raids and wars, at least once you have something better. (On the cleric/druid emblems quest, Horghall literally kills himself against Boril’s riposte.)


This is my heroes, any advices who to max first?
Maybe Boril?

Some materials I got.

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That’s a seriously eclectic roster. Still holding a maxed Layla, but also have a maxed and emblemed Raffale? A maxed and emblemed Ameonna, but Sabina still at 1^1? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.

So, your immediate issue is only having two compasses and two pairs of fine gloves. That’s gonna limit who you can level, as those are required for the final ascension for four-star heroes and the third ascension for five-star heroes. You asked specifically about blue, and my answer there would be Kiril. He’s fantastic, and I use him all the time for his mix of healing and buffs. But if Raffale is doing that job to your satisfaction, I’d also highly recommend Grimm. He’s fragile, but he hits like a truck and gives defense down. Either of these should take priority over Boril, imo, and whichever one you choose should be first in line for a set of gloves and compass.

In purple, finish Rigard ASAP, especially since he’s already on final ascension. He’s one of the best healers in the game, especially when you get his costume. I would also definitely do Tiburtus and Sabina, but since you’re short on mats, Chochin and Balthazar are really good three-star options that won’t take your precious compasses and gloves. I don’t know about Jack, but you may as well do him also.

In yellow, finish Chao, as he’s already reached final ascension. After that, you may as well bring Danza to 3^60. He’s sturdy for a four-star, and you can probably still get a little use out of him without maxing him. You don’t seem to have any three-stars laying around in yellow, but with only two sets of gloves and two compasses, I wouldn’t spend them on anyone except maybe Wu, if you need bigger titan hits.

In green, I’m utterly shocked that you haven’t maxed Melendor, as he’s a staple for many folks. If you have him maxed and it’s only his costume that’s unleveled, do that. Max ascending his costume only takes a single sturdy shield, and the stat boost and costume abilities are very much worth it. If you need time to get more mats, finish Almur, who is great, and go ahead and level By-Ulf and Mnesseus.

You’ve made good choices in red. May as well finish Shadereave and Scarlett, as they are both already max ascended, but Bauchan is a tough cookie among three-stars, and Ei-Dunn isn’t half bad, either. I don’t know much about Sudri. Eventually give my boy Gormek some love; he should get materials over Kelile.

Others may have differing opinions, but this is where I think you should go from here.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on the following first:
Purple - Finish Rigard and then Tiburtus and Sabina
Blue - Finish Mireweave then Kiril and Grimm
Yellow - Finish Chao
Green - Finish Almur and Kadilen and then Caedmon and Melendor
Red - Finish Scarlett and Shadereave and then Boldtusk and Gormek
But my advice also is to build at least 3 x 3* rainbow teams and include:
Good luck

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Thank you for long and detail answer.
Layla was my first hero in game who was max leveled so I keep her just for fun.

Ameonna was my first ghost hero and my Idea was to made ghost team but for now that idea is off.
Leveling Sabina was of because I mostly used rainbow team and I got healers.

Thanks for all advices.
Your post I read many times and definatly is more than good to me.



Thank you also so much.
There is definitely good advices and I will try do do some.

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If anyone else have some advices please write it.

Hey guys just to inform that I decided to max Boril.
I already tested him and I think I really need him on my team.
Its my loss I didn’t do it earlier.


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