Are you leveling up/saving any 1* or 2* heroes/teams for Raid Tournaments?

You may flee @EVA01 but I suspect others would look forward to stacking 5 Sharans

Your current defense grade: Aife


I have actually come across several teams max leveled 2*…in this Raid Tourney that began June 23rdI kid you not…3* I can see but 2*…those are feeders!

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If all you have is 2*, then you fight with 2*. Not particularly amazing.

I had a full team of maxed 2* until I could replace them with 3’s. And kept the 2’s until they were no longer being used, even in war. It took a while. If there had been raid tournaments back then, my 2’s would have been battling it out with the 5’s. It would be interesting to see what opponents you get in a situation like that. :grin:


Still waiting for staff confirmation… if there won’t be any 2* tournament, I’d like to eat 5 of my maxed 2* to free some hero slots… @Petri @zephyr1

I haven’t heard anything, but I’ll ask about it.


I asked Staff whether there was any possibility of 1* or 2* Raid Tournaments and got an answer back:

1* and 2* Raid Tournaments are coming, but no time line is given for them.

(FYI @yelnats_24)


Thanks for the info…

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Will we get free new hero slots? I have no problem leveling them up, but I bought all extra hero slots until the cost went up to 150 gems per 5 slots. I have leveled up 1 of every season 1 3 and 4* and one of every 5* I got and ofcourse 1 of every non season 1 hero, so still not that many free slots for feeders.
If we won’t get new slots, I guess I should start saving my gems for buying them :frowning:


Ah man, I just ate all my leveled 2* :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, won’t take long to level them again I guess!

Can you please just convince them to drop that idea? 1* and 2* heroes just aren’t any fun. Would be a boring chore and the only reason to implement it is to force players to buy about 15 extra hero slots.

I would only ever agree to this idea if you could choose what tournament you would compete in. Week 1: Choose between entering 1* or 3*
Week 2: 2* or 4*
Week 3: 3* or 5*

Star count can be random or from a schedule, as long as 1* and 2* never can appear together. The few people that will enjoy this can then battle it out and I can totally ignore that feature.

This isn’t the standard ‘If you don’t enjoy something in the game, don’t do it’. If this gets implemented and takes place instead of a higher star tournament it will take away content that I enjoy.

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Thx for the info :+1:

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Don’t compete in 3*. Why bother with 1 and 2*. Waste of time and energy, not to mention slots.

3* tournaments are great fun due to the remarkable variety of special skills. 1* heroes are, however, either hitters or healers. 2* also don’t have many different special effects. I hoped there would be no 1*/2* tourneys :confused:

I suppose, the majority of players would just bring five unleveled heroes and don’t care much about the tournament…

The rules for tourneys now include allowable troops for 1* / 2* tourneys.

Based on Empire’s business model, current tourney design, and matchmaking, the Devs are unlikely to run more than 1x 2* tourney.

The forum and tier 1 customer support will be buried is complaints for several months at least.

If they were going to do 1* / 2* tourneys, they should have stuck to a fixed rotation - 5*, 4*, 3*, 2*, 1* - like the ten Class quests have a fixed rotation.

Last time I got excited for Empires was Class quests. Now they are getting boring.

Once Hero Academy, and revised Challenge events are finished, I hope the Devs will consider a monthly holiday event, or something, that players without HotM/ 5* gem summons heroes can enjoy.

They are always the same. With a good and ample hero roster, you can breeze through the first two stages and even the last one isn’t a big deal either.

I’ve requested several times that the quests (in general) be changed so that advanced players still have an exciting and challenging fight (but also rewards that are truly helpful, not a few small potions or herbs etc.). I also think that the class quests should have some more variety:

  • boss rotation, every possible hero should come as final boss not always the same two/three (either completely random so that every player gets different bosses, which would be difficult to adapt against, or the same bosses for all players but different ones after each rotation)
  • higher difficulty level for very advanced players as our heroes are remarkably stronger compared to the beginning of the emblem quests
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I have clumps 0f 5* heroes for Class quests ( gorram frakking RNG ). I do not need all 3 blue Paladin HotM ever released. I do not need 2x Isarnia, 2x Anzogh, 2x Elkanen.

So it is now just carpet bombing for any class quest I do not have good 4*+15 heroes.

I had hoped 4*+15 would help, but the class assignments are screwy and even Dev Tim agrees 4* heroes need rebalancing but no monetization in 4* heroes .

Do I like carpet bombing, yes. Is carpet bombing boring, yes. 4* are the backbone of empires, but Level 17 forge is the backbone of Class quests.


Anyone checked the in-game information about tournament rules?


Yes, I speculated about the in-game Rules text here.

But this is a more definitive answer:


I think the occasional 1* and 2* tournament would be entertaining. It might actually be more entertaining for newer players because high level players usually eat their 1* and 2* heroes and don’t waste emblems on them, whereas newer players may have levelled up their 1 and 2s. I don’t think the occasional 1* and 2* tournament is a bad idea; it shouldn’t be frequent but now and then won’t hurt. People seem to be ticked off at the notion precisely because they eat their 1s and 2s and don’t have room for them. Well, you can’t win every tournament at every level unless you are a very high level (with a huge number of hero slots) indeed, in which case, maybe you deserve to win at all of them?


Similar to what I was gonna say. If they do it, it’ll take a day to both summon and max a full team for veteran players. I always feed all of mine.

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