Recommendation: which green hero should I focus on?

Hello everyone!

I have a huge dilemma. I have enough tonics for just 1 5* green hero to ascend (this will be my first ever 5* green hero).
I have the following 5* greens: Margaret, Kadilen, Lady Locke, Lianna, Alberich and Horghall.
I need 1 of these to put in my defense team (currently using Caedmon).
I just got Guin, so in near future my defense team will look like this:
Green hero, Hell, Guin, Misandra, Marjana.
Which green hero will fit the best in this team?


Forget Margaret, Kadilen and Horhall. With Guin you don’t need Alberich, so Lady or Liana.

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Thanks! If it’s between Locke and Lianna, I think I will go with Lianna.

Uh what??? I would go with Alby.


Alby or Liana, more towards Alby

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So Alby or Lianna, oh man. Alby in theory looks great for a side in defense, but Lianna seems more versatile I think? Very hard decision :S

Alberich, Lianna while she is the best core sniper she… is just another sniper.
And Alberich could always be a pain to deal with in wars, expecially with Misandra charging him up.

Alby changes the calculation of all battles.

I’ve had fights where I killed Guin quickly but Alby was able to charge and resurrect Guin and I lost from what looked like an unassailable position. Yes Alby is slow but the attacker is forced to pay attention at that often leads to using the board sub-optimally. He tilts the odds in your favor more than your other options.

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