Level up advise - Khiona, Obakan or Kageburado

I have been sitting on 3 dark 5* heroes. Now I finally have 6 tibard (I think they have turned off giving out 5*ascension items in chests). Who do you think would be best to level up: Khiona, Obakan or Kageburado?

In my honest opinion, it should be Kageburado, even without knowing the rest of the heroes.
Next is Khiona, best +att buff, and also deal hard damage.

Notes: there are only 4* AM maximum (Tabbard is 4* AM), and there are no 5* AM.

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Kageburado. Obakan is meh for a 5 star, Sumitomo does his job way better and Sumi has revive.

Kage gets my vote. Then khionna.

Kage then Khiona, hold on Obakan.