Obakan, Khiona, Domitia, Sartana or Cyprian?

I just finished leveling Kageburado, and have Sabina, Ameonna leveled as well. Now I’m wondering who I should work on next: Obakan, Khiona, Domitia, Sartana or Cyprian? All of then are level 1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I would go khiona unless you have a costumed rigard maxed


Since you already have an awesome sniper that also dispels, I would go with Khiona. She’s useful in a lot of situations. Very good for titans. I think she’s one of the more underrated heroes.


She’s pretty good hero and fits both mono or 3-2. Average snipers are a little awkward but with her heal link and attack buff she works well


Thank you for the input I was thinking she’d be nice for the next project

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If you have Wilbur or Aegir, try using them together in 3-2 for offense :slight_smile: I love the synergy they have – shared damage makes it so that each hit to your heroes will always increase Khiona’s attack buff :smiley:


Oooh that’s a good point! When she gets leveled up I’m definitely going to do that. Thankfully i have a leveled up Wilbur.

You didn’t mention if you had the mats to fully ascend the 5’s. Of the 4, Khiona is probably the most useful at 3/70. If you have the mats to take one to 4/80, I would level Sartana. I run a Kage\Seshat combo and Kage\Sartana should be very close.

Khiona was the last purple 5 I maxed. Unfortunately, the new costumed Rigard has put her back on the bench.

If you do not have Tabards then go with Cyprian. If you do have Tabards then go with Khiona.

I agree with Krauser.Helpful The Possibility counterattack.

As of right now I have enough materials to lvl up 1 5*. But I’ll get her up to 3 lvl 70 and see how I like her. Then lvl sartana also to 3 lvl 70 and see which one I may want to max out first.

I suffer from a similar problem but hers are different.
I have Sartana, Khiona, Rigard(2), Seshat, Sabrina, Proteus, Cyprian and Jabbar all topper with the 4*'s emblemed.
I have 2 Khiona, 3-69 & 3-59 and a Domitia 3-69
on the unleveled bench I have Seshat, 2 Thoth-Amun’s, Proteus sabrina.
I just got my 6th Tabard. What to I do with it

  1. nothing and wait for a Panther
  2. level e Domitia
    3 level another Khiona
  3. level hereto for the deep bench

Help. those dresses are burning a hole in my pocket

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