Khiona or Kageburado?

  1. So I just pulled a Khiona and I was just wondering if she was worth even looking at or leveling.

  2. if she is then I was wondering if I should level her up before I finish Kageburado (1^ lvl 38).

Thank you for your help.

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Definitely Kage first, but Khiona’s worth leveling next


I think Khiona is great, but Kage is pretty much at the top of my list! I’d go for Kage first.


I agree – these are both heroes worth leveling, but Kage first (especially if you have an L11 mana troop for him).

Khiona is particularly good on defense. Each tile that hits her or nearby while her special is active improves her attack. Putting her between two other strong hitters makes for a very dangerous flank.

Kageburado, at very fast, can win a battle almost single-handedly once you’ve cleared the tank. Ghost a purple match-3, hit a target. Rinse and repeat. He’s the only hero in the game who first removes all buffs and then hits. He’s great when facing defenses that feature +defense heroes like Vivica or Aegir.


Thanks everyone for the great advice.I’ll finish Kage first and then work on Khiona.

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