I need some 5* advice

I would like some advice on which 5* purple to ascend…Khiona, Obakan, or Domitia.

Khiona is the easy choice.
Obakan and Domitia are both below average 5* heroes. Khiona, although not amazing (IMO), is better.

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I actually have those three heroes as well. I’ve been leaning towards khiona, but I am curious to see what others will say. I’ve been asking myself the same question. Khiona (I have 2) does well for me on my war teams, but I also have her leveled up more than the others. From what I have read on this forum, obakan and Domitia are not that great. I use them for wars too, but they are not as impressive

I have Quintus, Obakan, Domitia and Khiona. The only one above 60 is Khiona.
I’d probably do a 2nd of her before the others…

Khiona gets my vote (not knowing what the rest of your team looks like). She’s very good on defense because her offensive boost goes up for each incoming attack, and defenders take more, smaller attacks than on offense. Her purple healing link is small but adds up.

The only reason I can think of preferring Obakan is if he’s your only plausible Barbarian. Even then, I’d really rather give emblems to Grimm than to level then be-talent Obakan.

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Khiona is easy choice, she’s great, she has a place in defense and offense. Works better as a flank, can also work as tank because of high def and dmg.

Khiona + Wilbur synergy is powerful (if you have him). Also good choice for titans.

I have Quintus also, but he is already maxed. Saving my wizard emblems for mitsuko though;)

@ABNRMAL Let’s open a poll to see what hero should you ascend first:

  • Khiona
  • Not Obakan nor Domitia

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That’s actually very funny:)

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Thank you everyone for the sound and entertaining advice.

Okay, next one…Misandra or Magni?