Lepus over Alasie @ Wing?

Is Lepus an upgrade over Alasie here?

Other pertinent info:

  • Re-embleming Alasie would go to Seshat.
  • I’d strip zim for Lepus.
  • I have Killhare to possibly replace Ursena for the bunny bonus but am reluctant to strip Kingston. Low emblem Clarissa may also be better we’ll see.
  • My other blue to ascend is Fenrir if I skip lepus.

My thought is Lepus is a small upgrade but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. His strong hit 3 synergizes well with my aoe oriented team but it’s a big investment.

What do you think?

You have too many AOEs…you need that sniper to finish guys off IMO.

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Fenrir might be worth considering - he’s built for finishing.

Having said that, Seshat is built for the wing and goes great there…
I don’t find Ursena anywhere near as much of a PITA when she’s not at tank - but maybe that’s just me?

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Yea I disagree. I hold 2700 and get war stops regularly. This is a very meta hero combination. Also Alasie and Lepus are both snipers.

He struggles on defense as he requires proper timing and targeting.

Ursena works on defense at flank because she punishes yellow. This is all about wars not raids. Raid defense doesn’t matter really as everyone can bring all the counters.

Perhaps… At flank you’re not as tempted to stack specifically for her and it’s easier to avoid charging her too early.

She can obviously still be effective, but I don’t find her anywhere near as risky to face at flank.

I think in a vacuum, I’d prefer Alasie over Lepus, but w/ the rest of that team, Lepus seems like the right choice. Alasie’s saving grace would be her -mana gen, but Telly has that covered.

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When its wipe 2-3 time and you’re using your 4, 5, and 6th war teams you start to run out of options. Cant bring weak greens cause of GM. Yellow is a mega gamble vs ursena. Blue versus telluria requires a perfect board. You likely used all your reds already on your first 3 or 4 flags. That leaves you with purple into a purple flank.

Anyways that’s why I think you see her there a lot on high level defenses. There arent many good purple options. Seshat wing is the next best or only better thing. Clarissa will be debatable because she wont be able to get max emblems for a while in the telluria meta. Killhare is very viable but I don’t expect many people to want to strip Kingston he is too good, especially if you already have Ursena.

I think a significant component is that lots of high level players already had her maxed and emblemed heavily - and not many hero’s make a claim to strip them from her…
So she’s there, fully emblemed and staying that way - makes sense to use her?

Purples are indeed a mixed bag defensively…
Seshat is definitely up there with the very best wings and probably the best purple on defence, atleast now…
Ursena and BW do a great job at tank but aren’t nearly as scary anywhere else (Ursena wings seems to be becoming a thing with some people - I just don’t get it, she’s absolutely terrible on the wing!).

Then there’s a bunch that are just average at best on defence despite being excellent elsewhere.


Interestingly, my defence also holds consistently around 2700… but with significantly lower TP (4368).
I wouldn’t bring it up other than as a point of comparison, suggesting that it may be fair to say that you’re right to look into playing with a few changes? With the emblems and bench I suspect you’ve got available, I have no doubts you can be holding noticeably more :+1:

I’d consider possibly running Seshat on the left and bringing Drake inwards to flank?
What other blues are on the bench besides Lepus and Fenrir? (I’d try to avoid stripping Zim if possible, attacking cleanse is so nice to have!)

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That’s cool if it’s working for you, but I personally much prefer facing a team of AOEs over a mix of AOEs and snipers…especially with the improved AI where they always pick the right target to kill now. AOEs just can’t get the job done usually before I can heal up.

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Seshat to me is the best wing in the game…I’ve frequently lost with just her standing because I’ve lost my “killers” during the battle and am left standing with something like a Boldtusk and/or Zimkitty. At that point I don’t have the firepower to down her unless I get some nice tiles directly above her.

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I think that honor belongs to Finley and Jabber. Both are infinitely more terrifying than Seshat imo.

Thanks for the kind words but realistically it’s not possible to hold more than 2700-2750 on a regular basis. You just get attacked too often and folks at that level have all the heroes. I can raid any team and be confident I can win. We all just keep raiding each other for iron.

I strongly believe in punishing multiple colors when possible in wars. Challenging depth is the best way to get stops on a regular basis. I do it with GM and Ursena but there are other options. Limit who the opponent can use against you.

Remember the name of game is punishing mediocre boards. Anyone can win against anyone with a good board and the defense always wins on terrible boards.

The bunny combo could be a game changer if lepus hits n kill hare that can cause some damage. Only losing trophies try it with out emblems and see how it goes before stripping others

I’ve raided the dounle bunny combo a lot and let them hit me for science. E18 Killhare hits for about 600 avg and E15 Lepus about 450-900-450 avg without any buffs or debuffs active.

I’ve yet to find a triple bunny team to expermint with as Roostley is pretty meh…no one wasting darts for science yet! If you don’t have Vela/Finley and Ursena the double bunny combo is certainly viable and probably the next best thing.

@Guvnor is quite high on the old rooster!
Will have better knowledge if the trio could be a cool thang

Mine are all still in the development phase :stuck_out_tongue:

I do plan on levelling all three to max & give them all round 2 of emblems (fighter, paladin & druid).

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I see a decent amount of Killhare raiding 2800+ but I haven’t seen a single Rooster. Part of that I suspect is folks ascending Malosi but also I think shes just stronger. All 3 on defense is the true experiment. Lepus, and all 3 really, will hit like trucks.

If Clarissa returns to the 294 DoT or even in current form, we shall see, it may not matter. Even at low tier emblems she may he the class of purple on D. Gonna be fun to find out.

I’m still torn whether to ascend Fenrir or Lepus!

Blue roster: Alasie, Ariel, Frida, Miki
370: Fenrir, Misandre

Fenrir is amazing with minion meta. Lepus we’ve been discussing is a nice fit on my defense. Zzz.

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Love pairing lepus and frida

Finley on the wing in a defense is lunch for my Mitsuko. On a flank he could be an issue, but only if I’ve buffed before he’s hit. I never see him on flank though.
Jabber is nasty though…you’re right on that one.

Again, assuming you get tiles. Mitsuko on 10 tiles isnt a guarantee to fire pre Finley. 9 is much easier but still no guarantee. And do you have 6 mitsukos for wars?

Raid defense doesn’t matter. It’s about what is best for wars and punishing mediocre boards.

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I am not sure if lepus on the wing is an upgrade to Alasie. Perhaps only Finley is a clear upgrade.
Alasie mana stall is also very annoying and Lepus’s self defense debuff often mean most of the time, he only tends to fire only once.
Also, Lepus is more vulnerable to Mitsuko, he always one shot kill himself from Mit’s special. Alasie with ranger class means there is a chance to bypass Mit’s special and even if she doesn’t, with enough health, she cannot one shot kill herself.

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