Give me the sentence, please - Lepus or Alice

I would like to know some opinions by Lepus and Alice owners: who would you prefer on your defense as the left wing?

My current def is:
Thor - Garnet - Bera - cKad - Jabber
All +20
Mana Troops Lvl 30

I don’t have the blue slaughterhouses Finley and Cobalt.

Other DEFENSIVELY +20 5* options are:
BLUE - Ariel, cMagni and Vela
RED - BK, GM, cMarj and Zimkitty
GREEN - Heimdall and Kingston
PURPLE - Seshat, Clarissa, cDomizia and Kunchen
YELLOW - Poseidon, Sif, Onatel, Neith and Mica

So…Lepus or Alice? Please, feel free to share your experience with both, and help me with the dilemma :wink:

Alice never worries me on attack, but I don’t own her. Lepus has been on my defence for a couple of years, and my defence does just fine. You don’t see him much on defence but he is very dangerous

One vote for Mr Bun Bun


I don’t have Alice either so I can only speak for Lepus. If you go the full attack path he racks up an eye-popping 893 attack in the end. He is basically what Thorne wishes he was but at fast speed with the tradeoff of being a lot squishier and with that self-harm. Thing is, his special’s name is quite fitting - he truly is the ultimate finisher if you can get some deuffs going:

Lepus + defense down (cMagni/cKiril/Grimm/Isarnia) = one hero dead, two severely wounded.
Lepus + defense down + elemental defense down (Frida) = three dead heroes 90% of the time

Since you have Garnet, you could always use her in a 4-1 stack to prevent the bunny’s self harm. My blue stack for raiding is cKiril-Frida-Cobalt-Lepus-Garnet. Three blue matches and I have 3 guaranteed dead heroes.


Lepus is very good with C.Magni. I vote for him.


I prefer Lepus as he is a finisher. He can be a nightmare close to end raids. His counterpart would be the other rabbit as a finisher.

Alice feels like an annoying ■■■■■ and based on debuff Alasie is better IMO.

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You got a very good blue deffence hero, C Magni!!!:thinking:.

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