Leonidas finally worth upgrading with the new damage?

Just as the title says. Worth the mats now? Been sitting on him for a long time.

I would say not really. Unless you are swimming in darts, damascus blades and tomes I’d wait for a better holy hero

Yellow mono is my worst color. Got plenty of darts so idk

Or, if you have his costume…

In my honest opinion, I would say YES he is worth it, if …
(1) You have lots of mats
(2) You can give him emblems or
(3) You have his costume …
I am still sitting on mine at 3/70 until I get the costume for Leonidas.
Whatever you decide to do good luck


Dude I was in the same boat! Loads of darts, got Justice first and used her at tank. Then I got Sif and Joon…finally good Holy! Still have darts galore so I maxed Bae Yung…not very impressive. Happy ending, got Justice’s costume and use her more.

Long boring story, but just maybe you’ll luck out and get Leonidas’ costume!

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Okay here is what I got.

Then yes, in a holy (yellow) colour stack maxed and +9 emblems he will be good.
With the new buff to Justice I would still use her as your yellow tank in mono.
My only other thought is that you only have two Tomes… are you building up any other 5*


Nope not at the moment. Just finishing off a 4s and was going to finish off since 3s, but maybe I might switch to Leonidas. Can get him to 19 emblems

My advice for emblems is to get him to +9 first and use him - see how it goes in mono raids / war team before deciding to go to +19.
Me personally I hate having to reset a hero to give emblems to someone new.
Good luck

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I got reset emblems for days lol

I’d probably do it then. I just got a bump with Justice being buffed in the next update. Both of them will be a lot more useful.


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Is not more worthy even with the buff. The problem is not its damage it is its stats like any other S1 without costume they can’t keep up with the powercreep…
So unless you are f2p I would not max him without having its costume.

Then I would personally go with what you got .
In your shoes I would max Leonidas

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Since you have the mats and the emblems I don’t see why not. I like Leonidas. He’s not a super star but he’s not a slouch either. I always use him in war as I still don’t have tons of maxed 5*s.


With my style of play on offense, I don’t care about power creep. I go mono on all attacks. I either get the boards or I don’t. The only strategy I really use is who to take out first, other then that. I either blast off or lose.


I’m about to level mine up - do have his costume though. Yes i think his adjustment does make him better. W/o costume you have decent hitter and a hero that can do mana control. The mana control itself is a good support hero, especially when you grow and begin fighting top 100 defenses. You will need support heroes. If you get lucky enough for the costume…well Titan/Mythic damage is worth it in itself. Plus with your level of play you can use the fire power.

Yeah I think I will level him after I’m done with my current hero

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I’d say he’s worth it only if you have his costume, since his costume is a definite upgrade in terms of his skill set.

In terms of your yellow mono team, I think you’d definitely benefit from having a fast healer aka Lady Woolerton. Gullinbursti is great (when he fires) but often he’s just a tad too slow and one step too late. Might be worth doing some summons in the springvale portal if you haven’t already.

Take him to 3-70 and then wait for his costume. That’s what I’ve done with him.

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