Leonidas finally worth upgrading with the new damage?

Here’s some info i have 2 joons one at +19 and one just max. Also Leo is +16 so he could be a bit higher and you can compare these to just plain joon . I know he’s also avg Mana but I have a troop to speed him up so that helps. I just wanted variety and his Mana cut and heal isn’t awful. His costume makes him awesome yet he hasn’t been featured despite being out for months. Idk why ep isn’t featuring him since they featured marjana. Anyhow w that many darts I don’t think you’ll regret it.


I have lady sitting on 20 emblems too. Whenever the wars are set to fast, I use c quintess with lady and the pig on both sides

I have been sitting on a second joon too, but I don’t like maxed dupes. Here are the other 5s yellows I got. I like variety and that’s whybive been sitting on it.

I’d definitely ascend Vivica. Since you have the mats, I’d up Leo, too. That still leaves you with the 6 darts you’d need if you get a monster.

I would say yes. I maxed Leo because of a lack of anything better to do to be honest. He turned out to be much better than expected. Good enough that when Joon was done he got emblems next and his performance improved exponentially with emblems. I went attack path which, like my Elkanen, also improves survivability due to self heal based of special damage. This is pre the buff that’s coming too.

Here he is so far:

The 40% mana cut is pretty legit. My beef with Chao or Li Xiu was their cut is too small to matter and some times buys you like a half turn, which is kind of lame for a special. 40% is big enough to matter though. I actually just won a raid where he fired twice delaying imminent specials. May have been different otherwise.

A lot of other mana controllers such as Proteus, Hansel, etc lack his durability. While he can’t full stop a special like they can, he can live to fire more than once.

Good luck either way.


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If I’m taking a yellow healer, it’s going to be the pig at 20 or woolerton at 20.

Thanks for the input. I would love his costume.

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Rush war?

Twenty rush wars

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Wish I had all those monk emblems, lol. Monk is the one emblem I rarely have in stock because of so many good monk units I have (Joon, Elizabeth, Santa, Raffaelle etc…)

Only reason I’ve maxed Leo was cuz I pulled his costume. He finally looks like a true spartan lol. I’d say go for it if you got plenty of darts. He isn’t as bad as people says he is. C.Leo is a beast against titans.


The only really costume I truly want are his, kadilen, and marjana. His costume is probably the most badass looking out of all of them. Gerard butler would approve


This is a good thread, with forum users providing the pros and cons. I have mine at 3/70, awaiting the day when I pull out his costume for him to be ascended and overtaking my current legendary projects, mostly placed to 3/70, i.e. Vivica, Justice, Inari and 2nd Joon including his costume. My current project is Sir Roostley, to be followed by Owl. They will be placed to 3/70 until I decide which of them are viable for ascension if I don’t get other better holy legendaries. With 20 darts in my inventory and 8 maxed holy 5* heroes, I am inclined to ascend Leo just like what I did with Marjana, currently being slow-leveled at 4/78. If I get their costume, I am still forced to invest ascension mats and ascend the original version for me to max the costumed hero. However, strangely enough, I can’t seem to have this principle be applicable to Vivica, who was my first holy legendary in 2018. I guess her being slow and that I have other worthy epic holy healers are some of the factors.

With the buff, I am considering maxing him as well. I have 10 darts, so wouldn’t have to wait that long to do another. My choices are–

Bai Yeong
Ranvir (not going to happen)
I suppose I could do a 2nd Joon, Malosi, Uraeus or Viv as well

Current maxed are cViv, Onatel, Owl, Guin, Gazelle, cJoon, Inari, Uraeus and Malosi.

the only thing holding me back is I have so many snipers already. I keep going back between Leo, Delilah and Neith. Hard to make a choice… Probably just keep waiting.

Hello! I have Leonidas at 3/70 for almost 2 years now. I have 6 darts at the moment and i was wondering if now, after the most recent buff (410% damage increase from 365%), he is worth ascending. My other options would be Justice and Bai Yeong. My yellow team consists of Neith, Joon, Malosi, Guardian Jackal and Gullinbursti. Thank u in advance for taking the time to help me out on this matter!

You may want to read this thread:


Thx alot! I didnt see that post.

I’ve had the mats for a long time and he’s been at 3/70 forever, too. I maxed him after the buff because the increase was HUGE compared to most and 40% mana cut is still keeping in line with current meta despite his speed. Average isn’t that bad, though. The self-heal getting a boost on top of it all makes him decent to good in my book.

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