And Poision Darts Goes to - Leonidas or Justice

Guys, This is my very first post.
I need guidance on to whom shall I give Poison Darts to ascend to the final tier.
Currently, Leonidas (which is my very first 5* hero) is at 3/70 and Justice is 2/55.
I do not have any other Holy 5* atm.

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Are you in a rush to ascend a Holy hero?
If so then Leonidas…

If not, well I’m a fan of patience in using ascension mats. If I’m not 1000% “must ascend” I wait until I have 2 sets of ascension mats before making a decision.


@voidstrike, I m not in rush as such. But looking for suggestion as I only have these 2 Holy 5*.
I m not pulling much from Summon gate anyways nor I had better luck.

Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:

If you’re running TC 20, despite low odds, there is still a chance of getting a Holy hero, specifically Joon & Vivica, both of which would be much more preferable to immediately use darts on.


Yeah! I have 1 TC20 and didnt get 5* apart from Elena who is at 3/64 atm.

Leo was my first holy 5*. That was 2.5 years ago and I have many other holy 5*s now. I’ve never regretted ascending him even though he gets a bad rap here on the forums.

He’s not the flashiest, but he’s sturdy. I’ve also found him useful in shutting down healers (Think healing wars and multi-healer teams used to be a thing in the lower raid arenas). Although he’s long off my main defense team, I still find a spot for him on one of my war teams.

I’m sure others will argue otherwise, but I wouldn’t have a problem leveling him all over again. I’m also a fan with working with what you have instead of waiting for something you may never get. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah I understand that there is this perspective too.

I guess for me I just never want to be in a situation if my luck ever changes and I draw a “must max hero” (whatever that means) where I don’t have the ascension mats to level them.

Happy cake day @LadySuzanne

I agree! Leo was my 2nd 5* yellow hero after Joon. I leveled him as well and have not regretted. He is not on my defense team, but I use him in raids, titans, events and tournaments.

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@voidstrike Thank-you! I didn’t even see that next to my name. Hahaha!

Ok, back on topic… good point about mats, though. It may be a good idea to wait until you have 12 darts - or close to it - and then level him if you haven’t got that ‘must level’ hero. You may not progress as fast, but at least you won’t be frustrated if you do snag that amazing hero :relaxed:

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Yeah, seeing feedback; I feel that I should wait for another holy hero or another set of Darts.

Hope to complete either one soon :v:

And what another yellow hero you want to wait for? If tc20 only than Joon and Vivica comes to mind only…

What are the chances???

Yes! That low!

So do Leonidas! :crazy_face:

Just to add something. Leonidas was my first 5* holy, and I waited precisely because I kept hearing how bad he was. Maybe after 3-4 months at 3/70, I figured, I might as well as I was collecting a number of darts, so I could “afford” to use 6. However, it was probably close to a year after that that Vivica and Joon came out of the TC20, so waiting can result in lost opportunities, i.e. maybe a loss when a 4/80 Leonidas may have won it.

Just for the sake of completeness, I think I should point out that no one is saying Justice because she is a defense team tank and that’s all. If you really need that, maybe you consider her, especially if your paladins aren’t great and you can emblem her. But a one-trick pony isn’t a great choice for your first set of darts, generally.

I’m kind of torn on Leonidas myself. (Appreciate the observations, @LadySuzanne and @JAWS1.) I have him at 3^70, and my monks are pretty bad. I could probably see myself resetting Li Xiu +20 and Wu Kong + 9 to emblem Leo. But my other option is Norns, who could be interesting and could also be in line for a pile of sorcerer emblems. And I still don’t have Joon, so TC 20 or possibly Hero Academy could give him to me any time. I don’t have the darts right now, but after PoV and Sand Empire, I should be at least halfway there.

So, you have to weigh the odds of getting Vivica (who I agree is great) or Joon against the opportunity cost of not maxing Leo now. Good luck.


What are you needing the hero for? As mentioned by @Noble_Weasel Justice gets no justice because she works best as a tank. BUT … if you need a tank she is pretty dang good for TC20. I use her as tank and I sit relatively comfortably in diamond with her. Occasionally I drop below 2400 but not much. I even sometimes use her on offense.

If you need a tank, and you are not a spender, seriously consider maxing her. Seriously!


Norns is good for very niche case uses. I ran into my 1st raid defense team with Norns on it in the flank position. She was maxed leveled and +13 on the talent grid. She was a beast to defeat, but did not have the proper support around her to really be affective. I beat her easily with my 3-2 purple team. With all that said, Leo will probably be more useful and who know if will ever get a better Yellow 5* hero out of your TC20 at any time soon! Like many have said before me, you have to play with what you have not what you might get down the road! :wink:

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I personally don’t agree with waiting for Vivica and Joon because the odds of getting specifically one of those two heroes in TC20 is like 1 in 200 per pull, so you might be waiting a longggggg time. And by the time you do, and also train them to 3/70, there’s a pretty good chance you have 6 more darts anyway.

There’s a few TC20 heroes I wouldn’t ascend just because they’re essentially worse than 4 stars, but Leo isn’t one of them. Aside from mana speed Leo is a clear upgrade from Chao who is probably your only other option at Yellow sniper.

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I have both Justice and Leo maxed

Justice hardly ever gets off the bench these days, as I have both Guin and a Telly for tank work, and Justice isn’t especially useful outside that role. But she was my first ascended five and she did well at tank before I got Guin. Yes if you need a tank

Agree with most of the comments on Leo. I still use him when colour stacking (I have Joon now who is a lot better tbh, but Leo is still serviceable)

Of the two, in terms of overall utility, I’d put Leo up.

I look at it this way - this game has a twisted sense of humour, so the day you ascend Leo is the day TC20 will cough up Joon or Viv. On the upside, if that happens at least you will have them, and if it doesn’t, you’ve got Leo who is a lot better than nothing! Really, it’s win win!


Not to mention, if you decide to wait then the likeliest outcome for your next TC20 yellow 5* will be – Justice or Leo :rofl:


Yup… I hung onto Elkanen for the longest time at 3/70 (my only other 5* green at the time was Kadilen). The next TC20 draw after I ascended him, I pulled Lianna.


I maxed out Leo and have since replaced him in my regular usage. He looks good on paper, but never seems to hit that hard. I may never get to leveling Justice, but if I did, it would be primarily for the rush raid tournament. I think it would be hilarious to have a line up of Isarnia, Azlar, Horgall, Justice and Quintus as an all slow, all AOE S1 defense lineup.

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