Leonidas as a viable tank?

I just got Leonidas as my very first ever five star. I was wondering how he is as a tank. Because he might have a permanent slot on my team because he is a big mana cut upgrade from Chao. I have a Damascus Blade, a tome, and enough orbs. I just see the darts being the bigger problem.

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I would say that from TC20 yellows he is better than Joon at tanking but worse than Vivica or Justice.

personal opinion , Leo is better than Vivica and Justice , i will fight every Viviva/Justice Tank in AW before Leo


Leo is a vastly underrated hero who can tank if you need him to. That being said, there are still Yellow heroes that are far better


Leo is pretty good in many rolls.

I’d tend to agree with @AlexanderTG that Justice and Vivica are superior yellows.

Either way, I think he’s worth maxxing and could be a serviceable tank until you get someone more specialised for the role.

I would not have expected that, but I have both so might experiment

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I prefer to fight healers or slow heroes as tanks, so in general I agree.

Leo can be a tough tank. If his special goes off, his heals and damage output hurt… a lot.

For my money he’s every bit as good as Vivs or Justice. The problem is, they’re all fodder to a stacked team :slight_smile:

Of course. I’m not letting that stop me from occasionally running Leo as my tank. Because frankly he’s the best hero I’ve got for the job :stuck_out_tongue:


How many cups do you normally hold and who do you have backing up the hirsute hoplite?

Few things at play here;

  1. I don’t raid too much. I go on Raid Benders where I decide I bang out a whole buncha raids. And I take all my war and tourney hits. But generally I only fill 1-2 raid chests a week.

  2. as a result I don’t have my raid attacks frequently bolstering my cup amounts

  3. that said, my defense team keeps my within 50 cups over or under 2400. (2350-2450, very consistently.)

  1. obviously Leo has very good support there.

  2. I look at my defense from the perspective of what would I not want to face. Of course I’m sure a lot of us do that. For me, SLOW tanks are the tanks I consistently have the best time against.

Because RNG gods realize my heart is dark, I’ve got an excessively deep purple roster. My purple team is my go to raid team. So I raid against yellow tanks almost exclusively. (I made to 3 global rank a few weeks ago hunting down Guin tanks :stuck_out_tongue: ) …

So what I’m saying is I’ve got a decent amount of experience to draw on. But it’s tainted by my roster and experience :stuck_out_tongue:


I have Leonidas at 3/70, for what is my experience (direct use and fighting against him), I would see him more effective as a flank rather than tank. I agree that he is underrated (even if there are better heroes than him).


If you are at the point of just getting your first five-star, then he’s probably a decent tank at your raid level. I have my Leo at 2^60 (too many yellow projects to take him further yet), but I already like him a great deal.

I promise you, they will be! :frowning_face:

The role of a tank is to slow down the offense enough to make them pay for a bad board. With a good board it doesn’t matter who the tank is, they’re gone. So you want a tank that can survive a few gem hits, allowing your flank/wing time to charge their mana. Leonidas is tanky enough at mid-range levels to do well until you get better options.

That being said, there are some 4* that will do just as well and will be MUCH quicker to max. BT instantly comes to mind. I used BT as a tank right up through Platinum, even with 5* heroes available.


IMO, switch Hel with Leo. Leo works great towards end raids.

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Those are some impressive heroes backing up Leonidas. Makes me think I’d end up rather lower if I had to tank with him.

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I have Leonidas and yes when maxed his is a good tank. Don’t get me wrong there are better yellows like Justice and Onatel but Leonidas really is a great hero for the centre role

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Gotta agree with this, especially in light of your comment here that you only have one set of darts. Absent some extraordinary luck, it will take you months to get the darts you need. In that time you could take a lot of heroes to 4^70 who would be better tanks than Leo at 3^70. Given the options you mentioned here, I think Hu Tao and Danza, and maybe even Sumitomo or Colen, could be options. Here’s my take on using Danza as a tank, which I did for a long time. One disadvantage to a yellow tank is that, at a certain level, it seems everybody has a team they use against Guin tanks, since she is so popular, so lesser yellows will get annihilated by that team, but at your level, that’s probably less common. Definitely focus on some more four stars if you are that far away on ascension mats. Leo will still be there - and still be awesome - when you get the darts.


It all depends on his stats at the highest you take him before maxing him but I would use whatever 4s you have maxed at tank and maybe put Leonidas as flank until you max him because you don’t want to end up being a free win because you have a 5* unmaxed who doesn’t match for that position. That’s just my opinion. I was in platinum for a very long time and was destroying 5* teams that had 5s unmaxed and who aren’t fast mana. Good haul for a 1st 5 congratulations.

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@JonahTheBard I am bouncing between the upper end of gold and very low platinum. It doesn’t help that my only attack booster is a 3 star. Wu Kong still continues to elude me. My alt has Boldtusk funnily enough. And I do have 160 monk emblems so when I get his grid unlocked, I can do a few nodes right off the bat.

Leonidas is going to replace Chao on both my defense and offense as my mana cutter. I am just wondering if it would be better to put him in tank position or mid right flank. That is what is on my mind right now. I have all the other mats necessary for him, just 5 darts is what I need to gather.

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Who else is in your team?

@JonahTheBard Grimm, Proteus, Sumitomo, and Brienne on defense. My fifth slot I make interchangeable on offense depending what tank I go up against.

If he has high hp and defence compared to your others, then he’ll do well.

If Chao is a lot stronger than Brienne, consider two yellows, just don’t put them next to each other.

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