Vivica vs Leonidas vs Justice

Hi Everyone,

I have accession materials to level up another yellow 5*. However, I am wondering who you think in your opinion should I level up to their final ascension. All of them are currently at 3/70. So far my team(all fully ascended) I have been using for a lot and is on my raid defense is:

Coedmon, Musashi, Ares, Athena and Rigard.

Thanks a lot for your thoughts.

Vivi is what i want. Nice stats, heal and def buff.
In your set up if you let everything as it is you should use leo. He is great too.
Justice is just… No.

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Definitely Vivica, 5* healers are so important on offense and map/quest/event stages.


I am Leonidas fan but Viv should be choice for you.


I have Leo and Justice at 4/80. Justice is my tank and keeps me in diamond with some emblems, so not a bad tank. Leo is excellent on some things, certainly useful against ursena finishing season two, she didn’t get her special off once between him and Mitsuko, not bad on Titans also

Both are useful enough but if I had to choose I would have taken Vivica, if I’d had her. 5 star healers are very handy


Future def could be

Viv Athena Ares Caed Mushi


For healers, you already have Ares and Rigard, I don’t know how the rest of your packs are, but I will do Leo, good sniper with mana control and can safe the day when least expected.


for aw defense i prefer Leonidas than Vivica / Justice. Slow tank is easy target especially at high tier. Leo also usefull for Event and Raid due on his mana cut. my vote would be for Leonidas


Vivica >>> Leonidas > Justice


I have Viv maxed and she has been massively helpful in Atlantis. Saved my team bacon numerous times. Yeah slow to charge but that 44% heal is nothing to sneeze at. By comparison, that is almost 1/2 full health versus BT’s 1/4.


Viv will be very helpful against Ursena, too. Dead heroes don’t shoot. I always do my healers first.

It’s like real life. Health over anything else…


Hi all. I really appreciated with the feedback. It was a hard decision between Leo and Vivica. But, I am going to go with Vivica. Seems like Justice is not really flexible with limited use. Thank you again everyone.


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