Double reposte for defense, good idea or bad idea?

When boril decides to show his mug, I plan on running a double reposte defense. Anyone have an idea on who would be best to complement a double reposte team? Note no five stars as I have none. I have the following: Chao, Grimm, Proteus, Hu Tao, Brienne, Belith, Mnesseus, Friar Tuck, Ulmer, Gill-Ra, Colen, Sumitomo, Danzaburo, Ameonna, Chochin, Hawkmoon, Sonya. Those are my more notable ones.

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A teammate uses this defense team. He keeps around 2100 trophies, but I have never seen him going further than that, and I think that’s because is a very passive strategy. Players in mid-platinum arena will have for sure enough and excellent heroes to deal with that. I would just use one of them as tank, but I see you have Grimm in your roster, so I would use Cyprian as tank, flanked by Grimm and Hu Tao or Chao (supposing none of the mentioned heroes is fully leveled up). Even Colen is a punishing tank in mid-gold arena or whatever it is at around 1500-1800 trophies.

in conclusion, I don’t like that idea too much. At the end, trophies are not too much relevant at this point; rewards of hero chest aren’t impressive even at diamond arena (where I have already luckily opened a few of them). I would say it’s better work in heroes that you will use a lot like Proteus and Grimm, instead of focusing on the defense team


i agree… tell ur team mate tusk is on the wrong side


I run a double riposte defense team which keeps me solidly in Platinum. I don’t have the 5* power to get into and stay in Diamond, although I’ve been close enough (2390+) to push for it, but figured it wasn’t worth using a raid flask to get there to say I’ve been there and get knocked back.

It also depends if you are trying to gain cups on defense or not get knocked back too much. I note I gain cups about half the time on defense with my double riposte team, but it does have a 5*: Boldtusk-Cyprian-(Green)-Boril- Delilah. Green is either Kashhrek or Melendor. still unsure which I prefer there, normally Kashhrek.

To go with Cyprian & Boril, I ideally want 2-3 healers, but you seem to lack them. Best choices of the 4* in other colors:

Desired Red: Boldtusk. Honestly, he’s just great.

Your Red: Colen, I guess. I used him for a long time before Boldtusk, but he may die before he fires. Good tile damage, though.

Desired Green: Kashhrek or Melendor, You want at least one healer, and green options have a lot of that.

Your Green: Belith for now. Healing & debuff. If you got Boldtusk, maybe Brienne.

Desired Yellow: Wu Kong, He’s really more for titans, but still, he’s like Danzaburo. Maybe Li XIu. maybe stick with Danza.

Your Yellow: Danzaburo. 2/3 of the time, it works every time. And he’s got buffs you don’t duplicate.

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I am just trying to get a decent defense going so that I can see more green than red. Just an fyi, Proteus and Grimm’s talent grids are unlocked. Just don’t have enough emblems for the first node on either one of them. Screwed up part is that I am one emblem away for Proteus and barbarian emblems are nowhere to be found. I always have to wait for the class quests to even get any barbarian emblems. I have a lot of cleric and monk emblems. Both are in the 160 range.

Not a fan of double riposte. One Sonya trumps 2 of your heroes. I don’t like those odds if the opponents know anything about the game. To me it’s a defence that wins only against inexperienced players or ultra bad boards. And all defences win vs ultra bad boards so why run a defence that is passive and dispellable?

To me, Riposte is an offensive tool vs AOE hitters. But if you really want to run it, just use a single at tank.


TY for the advice. he told he will swap positions, but he isn’t changing his double riposte for raids or AW :frowning_face:

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stick with what works LOL

You’ll see a lot of double riposte in gold arena, even silver. That should tell you something. Even before I had a dispeller I never feared it.

I would recommend that you don’t lvl boril nor cyp for now.
Work on grimm and proteus immediately for blue and dark.
If you pull in guardians and get lucky, jackal and falcon also become your priority for yellow and red.

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@l2ider Scratch that last statement as having no five stars as I finally got my first one as a Leonidas pull. :grin: Kinda got impatient with a EHT, instead of waiting for the next event this coming Thursday I pulled.

EHT’s only work in regular summons and seasonal events. You wouldn’t have been able to use it in a challenge event anyway. Gratz on Leo!

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Gratz on your first 5*.

EHT can’t be used on the monthly events so no harm :smile:
But if you pull jackal, lvl him first.

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@l2ider Yeah, took 6 months of constant playing to get it.

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