Last Green hero spot?

My current line up for green is Evelyn, Elkanen, Melendor ×2, Caedmon. All are maxed or close to with Evelyn at 4.60 and have work to do on Elk. Have 3 4 stars sitting at 1.1: Kashrek, Caed, and Little John. Who should I keep and who should I use for feeders. I’m inclined to keep Little John myself.

In my opinion, it’s best to keep at least one of each 4* hero, since you never know what kind of buffs or changes they’ll get in future versions.

I don’t know if 2 Caedmons is necessary, he is a fast dispeller though and I’m of the opinion that there’s also no such things as too many dispellers.

like Dave said keep all,
Depending on your tank I’m finding Kashrek handy as a flank to my blue tank.
Lj is ok for a slow mana.
Keep in mind none of my heroes are maxed yet but their specials are.
Hope it help a little.

Tix for the feedback, as far as dispellers, I also have a 1.1 Sonya which I will start after Boril is done. My main tanks are Kuchen, BT, and Kiril. I do want to free up some slots looks like I’ll feed Card, lvl L.J. and leave Kashrek on my bench.

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