Lancelot , second Boldtusk or JF to 3/70

Hello guys. I have plenty of hidden Blades 12 and to be honest my red lacks of that “punching” . They have good survavility and boost with BT but i cant hurt my enemies very much . I lack of good red core heroes like Scarlett , Falcon or even Wilbur.

My red team is

Grazul 3/70, Boldtusk ©+13, gormek and colen +1

So my options are or maxing one of the following





Or taking Jean Francois to 3/70. (Im 2 rings to be able to max him)

What happen with second Boldtusk? I dont really need for war as i have plenty healers (melendor, kiril, Rigard, bolstusk Sabina and for now second Boldtusk is being serviciable at 3/60 for the backup war team(last flags)

What i notice is when i’m stacking red im missing something or compared with my other colors red is lefting behind .

Thanks in advance

Max epics as long as you don’t have enough items for a legend.

Hard to say which one, since we don’t know your roster and play style.

Lancelot packs punch… He’s flimsy but if you want more tile damage he’s your guy.

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Yes . I want more tile damage when stacking and i consider him like a good option for titan too.

The thing i dont like of him is he overlap with boldtusk attack boost and that hes not Scarlett Who would ascend asap if i get her . But rng plays his part and im not fond of duplicates besides rigard or grimm

Agree on maxing Epics first. As which one, that’s difficult choice. I am not a fan of Lancelot, but on offense he has his uses. Personally though I would be inclined more towards second Boldtusk. One Colen and Gormek are enough.

You’ll get most use out of a second BT for wars…

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To be honest i dont want war to be an impactful element to determine my choice .

I prefer offensive, titan and even events to priorize now.
So , lancelot could be the guy im looking for …im not sure yet

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His atk boost indeed overlaps (or you’d hold it until BT’s expired) but he gives you mana regen buff too.

Indeed Scarlett having no overlaps would be useful.

Of what you have now, I’d do Lance I enjoy using him.


Lancelot is quite good. I sat on him for far too long and wish I had maxed him when I got him a year or so ago. He has excellent tile damage, and the secondary effects on his special are very useful. I’d certainly max him before a duplicate BT since you have lots of healers on hand.

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You just won’t get the use out of Lance in the long term IMO. I’d go JF to 3/70 if you don’t want another healer for wars.

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Events you say…

Early stages you want high attack and rely on good boards for good scores - you don’t really want to pack healers because a board that leaves you needing healers is one that gives you a bad score…

In that bubble, Lance, Scarlett and Colen make for good scores.

Equally, in bloody battle tournaments, you don’t want BT on offense but Lance gives you the buff without wasting half of his special.


In events and some raid tournaments… Absolutely you would.

He goes from useful to niche.
Some 4* hero’s go from useful to irrelevant (or niche to irrelevant).

He’s definitely been worth it for me.

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Im so sad that i wasnt able to pull Scarlett yet! She would fill the room i need in my reds.

I think that Jean Francois sooner or later would be at 3/70 because two rings are not so far .

And as i have 12 Blades im not going to loose too much maxing lancelot … I want to give this guy a credit after Bubbles comments.

I maxed a Lancelot early on and the two 4*s that NEVER leave my bench to play: Kashhrek and Lance.

That’s interesting as an analysis

I have hardly ever used Lance since putting him up. Could be a counter to Telluria in wars, but I guess if you’ve had ten red tiles before she fires it is probably lights out anyway

I might give him another shot at the title in some events and tournaments

Probably true, but I’m never vying for a top spot there…takes too many items and too much time! Plus with reds like multiple Namahages, Rudolph’s, and Squire Wabbits that makes Lance unnecessary.

Sorry, was thinking rare!

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Another thing i havent mentioned are emblems.

I have 100 emblems to put on a fighter . I think my bolstusk has decent stats now

But between lancelot and colen one of them could receive these emblems

Pfft, with the costume you almost can’t NOT max that second Boldtusk!

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I wouldn’t throw emblems at Lance unless you like him enough to go all in and emblem him hard… He’s useful enough at +1, honestly.

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