Next Red To Level?

Hi, I am struggling to decide which red to level next. I already have Grazul, Tyr, Boldtusk, Lancelot plus an Anzogh at 3/70.

I had originally been working on Red Hood but sidelined her when I got Tyr. Should I go back to her or do one of the others instead?

Yes, the game likes giving me red. It is far more reticent in the way of green

If Boldtusk is your first one go with him. You need to have a solid floor of 4* first before going with 5*. Generally a 4* at max is better than a half 5* (aka 3/70)
There are top 4* star heroes that are so useful that even having a solid bench of 5* dont exclude players to keep running those 4* along with their 5* . This is bolstusk case

Good luck!

PD: This i comment is based on what i see in those pics , if those 4* are dupes and you already have them maxed so i will probably go with Anzogh which pairs good with wilbur / Boldtuk and Falcon if you have them.
Otherwise Jean Francois is a good defensive and support hero.
Lastly the slow ones , Azlar and Elena.

If your 4* are not maxed yet before doing a 5* do

Scarlett and
Lancelot is a good choice too

If Boldtusk isn’t maxed? Max him first.

If Boldtusk is maxed - Wilbur all day long, crucial 4* red.

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Hi sorry wasnt clear. The boldtusk, lancelot, Tyr and Grazul are set. I have no more mats to max any 5 stars so none can go above 3/70.

Am I right in thinking then to just work on the 4 stars starting with Wilbur? Or would it be better to have 5*s at 3/70 for when get the mats again?

Let the 5* for a while until you have maxed at least ;

Scarlett and
Lancelot or Sumle

They will help you to war, titan, quests , challange events and tournaments

By the time you start maxing them you will start to perform better therefore youre going to be getting more mats

Perfect thanks, Wilbur, Scarlett and then Sumle it is.


Gonna jump on this here my red

Scarlett or lance or max another that at 3/60
Be used mainly titan and war

Titans? Scarlett.
Events? Lance.
War? Kelile is underrated, but any of these three will perform pretty well.

The only ones I definitely wouldn’t do are second Falcon (great on titans but pathetic tile damage) or Gormek (since you have Wilbur)

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Was thinking scarlet as be better on titan have read up on lance but that was ages ago, I can clear epic events only thing I care about is getting a certain level so get the we flasks.

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