Jean francois vs Lancelot . Titan Damage

Hello everyone. I have a lacking of materials but i need to improve my damage against green titans.
I have the following red which i bring to titans along with wu Kong.

Gormek , Colen, Boldtusk , Jagnir , wu Kong (all maxed)

I can bring the following ones up to 3/60 or 2/60 .

Other boldtusk , colen or gormek, jean francois, lancelot .

Who would benefict me more related to bring more titan damage ? I want to replace Jagnir

Lancelot 3/60
Colen 3/60
Jean francois 2/60?

I dont plan to max either colen or lancelot as i have already maxed a colen and i dont like lancelot

I will max JF as soon i get the mats.

So purely attack speaking which one should i level up to third or second tier to replce Jagnir (JF)


Nobody knows Who has the higher attack stat ??

Lancelot 3/60 vs colen 3/60 vs Jean 2/60

Much better reds coming into the game dont waste your blade and tomb on JF trust me on that. Level up boldtusk

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I have Puss +5, and Marijana at 3/70 and JF at 3/70, who will deserve the rings?

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