Lagoon family

Soo theres 9 members which 5 would be good as a defence team, also which 5 would be good for doing a raid on someone?

Are there 9 members? What are they?

I’m not sure there’s a ton of synergy in the Lagoon family on defense. Which tier are you in?

I didn’t think the defence would be that great!
Tier? Kinda new to this still learning!
But say I use gill-ra special then use gato to hit on tiles it makes a lot of difference! If there was 5 lagoon on the filed it be higher!

I use the family team for offence on AW. Mana gen and defence buff makes them stronger for sure. If you choose your opponent well they can beat a team 400 tp higher.


Tier would be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond.

Which 5 do you use? Out of interest!

On silver! Just cleared 1000 trophies yesterday! After finishing Provence 21


@madmarv has sometimes run these variants:

Gobbler, Mok-Arr, Wilbur, Agwe, Tarlak

…or, even better…

Agwe, Wilbur, Gobbler, Mok-Arr, Tarlak.

Yes, Gobbler as tank.

It’s beautiful.

Arena, you ask?



I’m likewise unsure that a cup dropping team is a model of synergy. :slight_smile: But with some slick troops to boost attack stat, it’s clear you can blow people off the board if things go south on tiles.

A 1000 attack stat defender will slash the average 5* attacker for around 160 damage. Which doesn’t tickle. And if Tarlak lights off, it’s more like 400 point slashes. Which is ridiculous.

This defense is hugely susceptible to green and purple, with all the dispelling they bring. I think the surprise factor probably dominates outcomes here.

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well I’m looking forward to try and pull some new lagoon when they next come back! Def want Wilbur! I’m c2p so don’t mind spending bit on gems, n the coin deal they did before! (If that happens) also haven’t played season 2 for a bit if it half flags again got 6 flask to use to get coins! Can plow through that :wink:

Thanks for the info

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