What’s my best defense team?

Looking for help making the best defense team.
Below you’ll see my current team. It works ok. I raid in platinum but have only bounced into diamond once. I feel that having double red hurts me because people can color stack blue against my two flanks and purple against my tank. Is this really a problem like I think or not really?

Here is my roster

Looking on your team I would go for defense: Wilbur-Melendor-Rigard-Vivica-Triton. Lol, this one would be pain to overcome 3 healers, one defense up, cleanser, and healer up per turn + split damage. Grrr…


Boldie Oba Justy Rigs Trity

Boldie Grimm Kash Trity Sabsy

Sabsy Justy Boldie Trity Rigs


Justice to tank with. May as well since you gave her mats and defense is where she does well:

Caedmon | Obakan | Justice | Boldtusk | Triton

Something like that would work well


boldie trity kash grimm rigs or

tibby trity kash sonya rigs or

boldie tibby justice rigs scarlett


Caedmon - BT - Justice - Obakan - Triton
Caedmon - Rigard - Justice - Obakan - BT
Triton - BT - Justice - Boril - Melendor

You receive great ideas beside, so lots of possibilities to chose from
Nice roster by the way!


Thanks. It’s been really fun getting my heroes where they are. The whole RNG thing can be great and so frustrating.

I wish there was a way to test defense teams. To try all these possibilities out beforehand.

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Why is Wilbur not in more of these suggestions? I know he has weaknesses and his special can be flipped but that’s true with all defense down specials (obviously the spirit link makes his a little worse)

You can dispel Wilbur but you can also totally flip it by firing your own Wilbur afterwards.
Several ways to exploit him hence you don’t see him on defenses.

@bassing33 if you’re still unsure about Wilbur, suggest you raid teams with Wilbur on defense.

Caedmon Grimm Justice Obakan Scarlett


Been raided 6 times since implementing…

Caedmon Grimm Justice Obakan Scarlett

I have won 4 of the 6 raids. The two that beat me were teams of mostly 5 stars with a team power around 4100 and in diamond.

I’m super excited. I’ll run this for a while and see if it continues then I’ll switch it up and see how some of the other team suggestions do. Thanks for all the help.


@bassing33 it’s a small sample size but here’s the reasoning behind the heroes and position; hopefully that will help you decide which heroes to level and use.

Many top defenses don’t use a healer, best example is 5 snipers usually including GM and kage.

Justice will be a serviceable tank since you gave her the darts already :cold_face: j/k

Defense heroes fire left to right,
Dispel, defense down, tank, 5*, strong attack.

Grimm is avg mana so even though he has low defense, better in flank than wing.

Holy dark are strong/ weak vs each other so good to place obakan next to holy tank.

Scarlett too is fast but low defense, protect her in the wing where she can splash attack.

Good luck, hope that helps.


Justice is easily the best tank you have, even if you didn’t have the sunk cost of spent mats, so might as well use her. So I can’t fathom a defense that doesn’t feature her at center.

The reasoning makes sense. And while I agree the sample size is very small, usually if I was raided 6 times before I’d lose 5 out 6 so to win 4 was a surprise. I’m looking forward to seeing how it does over the next few weeks.

In regard to justice, she was my first 5 star she was given mats long before I even had another option with vivica. As a ftp player I’ve learned to use what you have cause you can’t guarantee you’ll get anything better for a long time. With her recent buff I think she is much better than she once was.

I just appreciate the input so much. Thanks

Justice is probably the best regular legendary tank, nothing wrong with giving her the darts.

If I get a bad board, her blind is a pita.


The team that beat your defense may be different than what you see. It is currently not possible to know the attacking team.

You are absolutely rightt. But if you’ve had time to build up full 5 star defense teams maxed out or 4 stars with lots of emblems you probably have a decent set of heroes to choose from when raiding. One was a level 70 and the other a 52. Both much higher than me.

Would my new defense team of
Caedmon Grimm Justice Obakan Scarlett
Work in wars as well?

Right now in war I just have the strongest team power I can make. So with the teams we fight, most people just don’t try to hit me.

Looks like a solid war team to me, though personally I would maybe swap out Scarlett for Boldtusk. Just a thought!

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