Time to blow up my defense team... need some help for a tank and flank

Hi all. I need a little bit of help with this one. I think it is time for a overhaul of my team defense. Right now I am running Gobbler+20, Agwe+13, Wilbur+20, Mok-Arr +10, Joon © +16.

Because of this team, I get attacked so much, the only raids I do are revenge raids. They win their fair share of defenses. Mama North and Rigard © are wanting those emblems from Agwe. Caedmon © and Mama North want the ones that Gobbler has. Outside the defense, I don’t even use Agwe or Gobbler in wars. So it is time…

on my wings I am looking to place Seshat +18 and Joon © +16. On the flanks there is Finley +6 and Tyr +9. Tank I am at a loss. Thorne +7, Mama North +7, Ursena + 15, Boldtusk © +20, Ares maxed.

Possible other flanks are Guard Jack +20, Magni, +3

What do you think? Thank you in advanced.

How about MN-Finley-Ursena-Tyr-Joon?

I wouldn’t keep any emblems on neither Agwe nor Gobbler.


That could work…That would give MN time to charge.

Would MN, Fin, Ursena, Seshat, Joon work?

I wouldn’t put two heroes of the same colour next to each other. This team will be too vulnerable to yellow tiles.

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MN is an absolute must for defenses

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This is the setup I was going to recommend as well. Another setup I could see is MN, Finley, Thorne, Tyr, Seshat. I like the one with Ursena as tank better.

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Sorry…screwed that second team up with two blue heroes and right next to each other to boot. So disregard that one.

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This :arrow_up: Play around with seshat in for mn in raid d too

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Gobbler and Agwe deserve no emblems. Hell, they don’t deserve ascention MATs but that’s another story.

MN - Finley - Ursena - Joon - Tyr or Seshat

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thank you all! I wish we could bring 6 to defense! I will play around with MN, Finley, Ursena, Tyr, Joon, and Seshat. Probably change in/out Seshat and Tyr.

just to throw it out there. I have a Heimdall. He is at 1.1 currently. Working on maxing Victor, Sir Roost, and the costume side of Kiril. Hemi will me my next project. Future tank maybe?

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