Atlantis family bonus against high power teams

I am consistently winning raids against 2300 to 2900 power teams with a 4 unique Atlantis team with tarlak with a team power of 2293. Thoughts? The +15 family defense bonus plus the +17 defense bonus of troops is a killer it seems. Anyone out there studied the benefits of family bonuses? I also have 5 lagoons and 5 Sakura all unique.

I use two Atlantis family on my defense team regularly. Every time I throw Ariel (#3) in I drop trophies. On offense I almost always have two and I do notice the defense buff.

I also like the proteus, Triton, gaderius combo on 4* tournaments.

It’s not so consistent anymore, computer caught up with what I did, lol, now I am getting ding for tiles every time.

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I’m currently trying to do this. I just need to get Gadeirus to 4/70 and them I’m ready (currently 4/58). I’m hovering on about 2000-2100 cups atm with an almost 3600 TP team (Triton, Wilbur, Kiril, Ariel and Proteus). I plan to exchange Kiril with Gadeirus and see what happens. Quite excited about it as the defence bonus combined with Wilbur will be massive. What I’m worried about is the lack of damage.

But we’ll see!

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