Atlantis family defense team

So this atlantis I’ve pulled both Proteus and Gadeirus, and it go me thinking in putting up a in a defensive team based on the atlantis heroes.

I already have Triton maxed, as well as an Ariel on 2*60. As last hero, I’m not sure what I would use, but I do currently have Wilbur and Kiril as viable alternatives, leaning to Wilbur in order to not get three blues. Do you guys think it would viable combining them?

My thought is that:
15% defense, combined with extra healing from Triton for 2/(3 with kiril), extra mana reg from Ariel to help Gadeirus as well as a good defensive buff from Wilbur or Kiril. Triton and Proteus could provide reasonable damage combined with the mana debuff which in my head sounds really good. Of course, the downside is that I would not be able to time the specials properly when leaving them as defensive teams.

Also in offensive it should allow me to, albeit more slowly, grind down the enemy team with less risk to myself. At least in theory.

So what do you think?

Personally I see these defences every now and then in platinum area, usually of the Atlantis family with Poseidon, Ariel etc…

My personal opinion and view is that if you have a better squad you should use it. The family bonus is pretty meh it you’re wrecking your defence team synergy by swapping in a worse hero purely to get the family bonus.

Imo, the family bonus is more effective on offence, and even then isn’t a game changer. It’s a nice to have not anything more.

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Thank you for your reply! I see your point. At the moment, my rooster is not too deep and unfortunately I do lack greens and yellows. I’ll see if anything comes up in the next weeks, but as it stands now, I’m quite interested in trying this setup. Still have to finish leveling Proteus and Gadeirus though…

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