Your point of view, please

This is my DEF Team:


Would you switch Morgan for AZLAR+7? Can you give me your opinions?

Thanx :wink:

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if you want use Azlar then switch with Thorne


ONATEL go edge and replace MORGAN , PUT Azlar left of KUNCHEN.

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Agree with arios - if you want to use Azlar then I would switch out Thorne…


So…Morgan on the right wing, and Azlar right flanking Kunchen?

I’d go Morgan, Kunchen, Oatmeal, Azlar, Seshat. That way your tank color isn’t doubled. Morgan’s damage will be affected least by Kunchen’s defense debuff.


Morgan seems meh to me.

I do love your post though. It’s like you’ve got a Spanish ham under your arm and you’re crying because you don’t have any bread. (Joking!)

Seriously, count your blessings that this is your dilemma.

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  • If you want to run 2 purples, put Onatel as tank.

  • If you want Kunchen as your tank, replace Seshat with Azlar (and put him on the right flank)

  • As other said, you can both switch Kunchen to Onatel position and replace Thorne with Azlar


:joy::joy::joy:…you’re right, my friend!

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I know that Onatel could be a good tank…but I love so much my Kunchen in that position :heart_eyes:…and I love the synergy between Seshat and him too!:thinking:

Onatel flanked by two good purple makes a great tank …


The same can be said to Kunchen as a much GREATER tank flanked by two good yellows (i.e. Joon, Drake Fong, Poseidon, etc.). His enemy defense debuff is a huge matter that the simple slash attacks of your ally heroes would make the attacking forces close to dying (exag.) that the skills of the flankers would ensure their death :wink:

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Azlar on normal raids

Morgan during wars

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Same as another thread you started in regards to the team for defense.

You do not need to have Onatel to flank both purples.
Kunchen is the superior tank and rainbow is not necessary if your heroes dont sync properly.

Look at the skills first when creating a team:
Seshat - dispel and snipe
Onatel - mana control + time stall
Kunchen - tough tank / heal / defense debuff / cleanse
Thorne - tough hitter that goes well with Kunchen
Azlar - finisher that goes well with Kunchen

You have cleanse and dispel on your team.
You have defense debuff skill.
Your middle-3 is tough that makes the survival of Azlar higher unless the enemy wants to waste a snipe skill on him.
I will emphasize again that Azlar is not a good flank. He stands out like a sore thumb and most will kill him early as flank. He is a protected species and must be protected until he can fire.


AirHawk: clear…exhaustive…instructive…and precious! Awesome and very helpful, my friend! You’re great!:wink:

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So…I’ve followed your precious suggestions @AirHawk :wink:

Now my DEF keeps me at 2600/2650 overnight!!! Awesome! So, so many thanks to you, my friend! :wink:

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I’m in love with my Azlar+(all attack route…)7!!!:heart_eyes:

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Glad you liked the suggestion :blush: :+1:

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