Need advice on Kunchen or Seshat for Defense

Hello all -

I appreciate any advice you all can give… I have a fair number of 4s leveled and almost 2 full teams of 5s. I was in the process of making Kunchen my tank (next purple project) and Guinevere just popped out of the Avalon portal! This is making me rethink my whole strategy for a defensive team. I want to ascend Guin as a tank but thought Seshat might make a better flank than Kunchen (although i like the fect hes a healer). I figured i would use Hel as the flank on the other side.

Currently, i run Lianna, Hel, Zim, Magni, Rigard as my defense. you can see - i need a real tank.

Here is my roster of heroes:

You almost have Justice at 4.80 and she isn’t that bad as tank.
Otherwise both Guinevere or Kunchen are top tier tanks but seems that your purples would be better flanks than your other yellow heroes.


I’d go Lianna Seshat Guin Hel Magni.


My original plan was to make Justice the tank. Especially since i have a ton of paladin emblems. She will definitely reside there until i can ascend guin or kunchen. I have a good problem, i just dont want to regret my putpke ascension since i have a hard time with tabards

You won’t regret either Seshat or Kunchen. They’re top tier heroes. If your priority is raid defense, then Guin is still the best tank in the game. Unless your alliance is going purple tanks for alliance wars in which case you would want Kunchen.

In my opinion at the level you are headed Justice is not gonna do it for you. Especially when you have Kunchen and Guin. I was in your shoes, and used Justice as a tank.

Who do you use now for a tank? My gut tells me Guin since i can flank her woth Hel and either Kunchen or Seshat.

Thanks King - thats why I am so torn. I dont think either is a mistake, but i know i can only ascend in the near future. My alliance is very casual - not set AW plan. So, i am free to use who i wish in that capacity.

It’s too bad you have Hel wizard emblems. Can reset to give to Guin if you decide she is going to be your tank.
Seshat magni Guin hel lianna

Zim magni kunchen joon lianna, can also swap Seshat for Zim.

I don’t have magni but I’m currently using kunchen for tank and pulled Guin so I’ve been considering this too.

Guinevere can be flanked by both Seshat and Kunchen… Super strong formation with no talent duplication. And feel free to add any non-duplicated fast snipers in Yellow Blue or Green at both wings.

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