Garnet or Krampus

Hi all
Would you recommend emblem on Garnet or Krampus? And pls explain why.

Both are used both in offense and defense at the same.

The total amount is enough to have one of them at level 20 (right now Krampus) and the other one in level 2 (right now Garnet)


What would the rest of the defense be?

Defense team; Onyx, Krampus, Garnet, Franchine, Cobalt

Offense; Franchine is changed for Lord Loki

Garnet is pretty damn good in all phases of the game.


I d probably put more emblems on the tank of your defense since is the one that is supposed to take more damage

Francine is so great there on defense, I wouldnt change for Loki.

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Franchine is already in defense team. When attacking in Raid, she is replaced by Lord L.

ah, for attack is reasonable :wink:

Agree, I would level Garnet because she is your tank. Also very versatile.

I agree, emblems are most important for the tank

Offense team; Onyx, LoLoki, Garnet, Franchine, Cobalt
Emblem Garnet.
Keep Francine in the lineup. Dump Krampy and put in LoLoki. Krampus is meh in my opinion.


Krampus no need to ask

Garnet all the way especially if she is your tank. I like what she adds to defense more so than Krampus even though both are passive defenders.

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