Krampus or Cobalt?

I finally have six scopes so I can ascend either Krampus or Cobalt. I also have Skadi and Rumple at 3.70 and Glenda but its going to be either Krampus or Cobalt.
I like to bring my 5*'s that I emblem to node 18 and I’ve enough to do that to Cobalt but could only bring Krampus to node 14.
I’m more focused on how they are on offence than defence.
My max blue 5*'s are Alasie+18, Lepus+18, Frida+15, cRichard, Vela, Aegir, Fenrir, Athena, Isarnia and Magni.
The blue mono team that I raid with is Alasie, Lepus, Frida, cRichard and cKiril+20. Cobalt+20 would replace cRichard.
My anti-red titan team is Ranvir, Athena, Alasie, Frida and Kiril. I like Krampus’s +50% attack but I’d wonder who to take out for him.
I’m leaning towards Cobalt but Krampus is very strong as well.

Cobalt easily. He’s a bigger pain than Finley even is.


Go Cobalt. Ninja heroes are OP, until Season 4 arrives.


I can see how good is Krampus on offense, giving attack to everybody and protecting the team. Anyways , if for offense proposes, there are ice heroes that provide survavility and attack up like Kiril[CB].

So, i would recommend you , as the others posters here, that you should go with Cobalt. Hes easily close to Finley level so no regrets here

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