Knights of Avalon - Beating the Final Bosses

I don’t suggest anything. Just try to help players to understand is doable even with classic heroes, easily I may add.

P.S. OK, instead Wu, I will use a blue hero…

Blue is a bit risky with blue reflect on Arthur, but if you can do it, more power to you.

Edit: ah I see. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Challenge accepted.

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Already done… And not legendary, where tornados and time stop make so easy everything. Finished on epic. 12 minutes though :rofl:


Great vids! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, I’m a little jittery after that clear, but I did it! I think it was my fifth or sixth shot.

My team:

The final minute of play:

To narrate the prior 16 minutes…

I cleared the first two rounds without trouble. The only issue I ran into was the final monster on the second round. I had everyone charged and my board set to go with a blue diamond, I could make a blue diamond by moving the blue diamond, and I had 14 blue tiles (i.e. 40% of the screen). But I had no way to kill the monster. So I burned Valen’s special.

Once on the bosses, I fired Triton at Lady then fired the blue diamond to make a new blue diamond. After that, I hit Lady with Valen and Triton. At that point, I fired the newly created blue diamond which sent five tiles up, which was perfect. I used two mana pots to top off Triton and then hit Lady again. Eight more pots and two more tridents got me within striking range. From there, I nuked with four axes and five bombs, and finished her off with some purple tiles. Shortly after that is where the video picks up.

What was I thinking? Well, thank you thank you thank you to the wonderful @Mariamne, I knew that there were no blue monsters in the first two rounds. I discovered that my tile damage against Arthur was pretty pathetic, so I could throw up blue tiles without any fear of retribution. My only 4* snipers are Triton and Sonya, and I knew I needed to be able to throw up damage fast. I raid with this team, except I usually have Sonya in Kashhrek’s spot. So I started doing some math, and I made a guess that I could do more damage with a Valen+Triton combo than I was doing with arrows. So I swapped in mana pots for arrows. I used Kashhrek because I knew I needed help keeping everyone alive, because with this lineup, riposte was going to be my only hope of bringing down Arthur. So Sonya stayed home. I got very close on a previous run, so I knew I’d need some luck, and this time through I got just enough.

P.S. Even though mysterious chests take no damage when shielded, they still reflect full damage!


At stage 15, does everyone go for LoTL before Guin? Because both Guin and LoTL are both threats in their own right. I know on rare I go for LoTL but I get worried immediately when I see both of them on the field. This is for epic.

It depends. The minions can be bombed out, so with proper ability management, Guin becomes the priority target.

I did the weird thing where I used Queen of Hearts, and she face tanked Guin, so LotL became the priority target for me.

Yes I understand, that is very awesome of you, and done as a kind service. And I do understand long time players get tired of hearing developing players complaining about events getting too hard. But if you were 7 months in and E&P just changed
something to 33% (or whatever the percentage change is) harder, especially something that wasn’t harder before, it can certainly be frustrating.

So while this is no problem for senior players, this is a significant change for developing players. And that is my frustration; that senior players act like it it is all too easy anyway… I get it, it may be, but not for everyone. Anyway
this change definitely creates a divide before mature rosters and newer rosters.

I have no Ill will to you, I am sorry I was triggered by the candy crush comment, weather sarcastic or not it shouldn’t matter too much.

I understand wu is a classic hero, but after 7 months I don’t have him on 1 account, but I do on the 10 month account. He is definitely a game changer, but I still dont think legendary 15 is possible with classic 4s and no wu… i hope I am
wrong, but even so I dont think I am wrong to say the level is a bit extreme.

Thank you Scarecrow.



The shielded chests will also keep a status effect through the shielded state, if applied while vulnerable… i know that is not a big deal, or helpful really, I just thought it was funny to see.

Yeah I think it’s easier to target LotL since her heal is 42% of health and can really set you back especially if you have a bad board, using a lot of items, etc.

But on legendary I had Proteus and then packed time stop, tornado and small mana (+ insert 4th item of choice). which prevented either LotL or Guin’s specials from ever going off (Arthur’s went off once because I was careless).

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OK, what if you have NO special heroes? You didn’t spend anything but have accumulated Marjanas, Magnis, Sartanas, Liannas and Joons? Plus of course, a few 4*s. What then?

I have lost level 15 in epic and legendary 3x each. What do you do without Proteus, etc.?

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I’d also like to add, no counterattackers either…cyprian, boril, etc.

Did you try epic or legendary? Legendary is easy with time stop and tornado. Even so, I didn’t dare to play legendary challenge in my first 6 months here. But I was a newbie back then, anyway. If I only knew that can be easily done with classic 4* heroes. And exactly this is what I want to show to all players joined this year.

P.S. Didn’t see till now my Kiril was dead in the end :rofl:

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I can’t speak for Scarecrow obviously, but a bit of advice I try to keep in mind is as follows: “while it is the fault of the young not to respect their elders, it is the fault of elders to forget what it was like to be young.” So I personally try to give newer players their fair due, but some people need a swift kick in the pants to get moving while others need a gentle nudge. Tone doesn’t translate well on forums.

A combination of bomb attacks and time stops and preparation, have all heroes ready to fire.

I mean the only one I had that was considered “critical” was Wilbur, but I walked in with a bad board, so I’m not sure that counts. Queen of Hearts is a weird one to bring into legendary, though.

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Didn’t watch the videos above I guess… Done with 4* classic heroes.

I didn’t see the videos above…and I’m not a beginner. I’m at level 72.

I’ll look again…BTW I do have Wilbur.

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In this case it’s a piece of cake. With Wilbur, I mean. Of course, I used him to make that score, but the players who want only to finish the challenge and don’t have special heroes, being F2P, can do that. Slowly, no rush, using the items in critical moments.

There’s a lot of good information here but it’s kind of an overload, lots of mentions of non-vanilla heroes… @Scarecrow you seem to have the “deets” on the best way to beat the final stages (I’m assuming you have a strategy for each level - rare, epic, and legendary)… I have not personally attempted the final stages for any yet (because FOWF - Fear Of Wasting Flags :laughing:) - but those in my alliance who have been trying to complete different levels are having difficulties. And most of them don’t have Proteus or Wilbur or Guin, etc.

Can you recommend the best classic heroes for each level (rare, epic, legendary) and the best possible battle items to bring for each? I’m not asking for a big spreadsheet or anything, just a few basic tips (my girlfriend is getting very frustrated trying to finish them because she really needs a pair of gloves… YEAH yeah yeah spare me the dirty puns :laughing:)

You can choose any classic hero, as long as you bring 2 healers. You’ve seen the 3 videos I presume. Any heroes will do. For epic, the 4 slots for items are always the same: arrows, axes, and mana in 2 slots. For legendary axes or bombs, time stop, tornado and the 4th slot whatever you want. I didn’t use it anyway.

OK, time to go to bed, it is almost 2 AM over here. Will talk tomorrow. Perhaps I will do last stage using only 1 Tiburtus and bring Chao or Li. Rainbow team. In the last video I had tones of yellow, the board killed my patience :rofl: