Advices on avalon epic level

I am finally at the level 15 in epic mode but i fail very hard. I tried with differents teams but cannot beat the 3 boss. Which team should i use to beat them?

Here there is a thread that can help you.

Unfortunatley i.dont think you have the roster for it (I hope I’m wrong) I used bt, Wilbur, gormek and caedmon and melandor - all maxed and I still needed arrows axes and.bombs to win.


Definitely include Li Xiu and LJ - the battle needs some mana control. Proteus would be ideal, but you dont have him, so Liu and LJ should do the job, especially since Liu is maxed. Then BT and Sabina for healing. The fifth I dunno - maybe Tibs for def down?

Does Ciprian reflect skill works against mana depleters?

@Peazomanco I wish. Riposte only works against direct damage.

@christophe9210 If I had your roster, I would take Chao, Li Xiu, Rigard, Tibs/Gormek, Boldtusk. Mana control along with other debuffs are key to winning. As far as items, take bombs, minor and regular mana potions, and minor health potions. Put defensive troops on your healers. I would personally recommend you stack dark so Guin can be defeated while everyone else is concentrating on LoTL.

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You need mana control, proteus Hansel gretel and even lixiu.

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