Last level avalon

After 35 pulls i did with amazing result of 2 chaos and 1 melendor one Lancelot and a lots of threes(i did get Margaret at the end of the last pull but it was very frustrating.very…)… i wanted to wage a revenge on Camelot heroes that didnt wanted me like guin and Arthur

So i did

I cant seem to finish the last level of legendery

The thing is the pnly guy who is doning something is hansel but when he dies game over for me

I was left with Morgan dead(he killed her) and full health
Justice. Bt. Khagan. Wu kong. But they just died to Arthur sword and guin mana control

Any suggestions fir other hero that can make the difference?

Proteus prevents all bosses from charging, if you’ll have enough pots left for him.

Add two green hitters and two purple healers and go for it.

Purple stack to hit Guin with tiles and then ghost green to eliminate the others. Make sure to have at least Proteus charged when entering the boss arena.

I also brought Arrows and Dragons to blind and burn. The other two slots had mana for Proteus.


I dream of Morgan dead…with Melendor, Kashhrek, Caedmon, Wilbur and Wu Kong I managed to kill Arthur, Morgan is my nemesis.

Ooops, Kashhrek, not Kiril, of course!

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If u have forge 20 take dragons bombs axes arrows go last stage and spam them and ur done,if not i suggest you max one forge asap for this kinda situations

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I beat the last level legendary with Rigard, Boril, Onatel, Kelile and a 3/70 Evelyn. Onatel is a beast at these levels, I put bleed dots on Morgan and she died first, then Guin, then Arthur. I did not need any items.

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Little John also is able to delay mana charging while throwing tile cascades at them.

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Yea I learned QUICKLY to take Morgan out or things can go downhill FAST. She is also my nemesis in this event. The others aren’t so bad, but Morgan…yea she’s evil.

I beat Legendary with Wilbur +7 / Wu Kong 4/70 / Melendor 4/70 / Marjana 3/62 / Caedmon +7.

I used a couple of mana potions, one or two healing potions, 2-3 bombs and 2-3 dragon attacks.

Focussed specials on Guinevere. Made sure to dispell their buffs. Healed people afflicted by Morgan. (She went down before Guin because of the incredible tile damage from Red + Wilbur + Wu Kong.)

Its like when the mana built they smash and guin takes the mana…

Little jhon and proteus are to weak

I don’t have enough material s for bombs…maybe revive scroll for hansel. Or Riposte? Maybe Cyprian? I can’t bring my magni or frida

Bring another healer. Thats an idea. But the problem is Arthur kill my heroes with One shot… Only my justice with 1048

Khagan and justice is slow. Maybe i need faster ones. Tiburtus. Cyprian? But guin… also he is only about at 2.25. wilbur can stop Arthur but he is currently at 2.40.

Maybe i will bring Frida and count on splash damage?.. melendor? Hard choices but not do good…

Riposte is almost useless, since only one boss does direct damage.

Wow… so i shouldn’t complain…

I have khagan at 2.38. justice at 3.23. hansel at 4.19. boldtusk at 4.38 and wu kong at 4. 30… and no bombs… arrows thou…

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Wu, a red hitter, Boldie and two dark healers could also work.

Proteus all you really need, like someone said. Feed him mana, cascade tiles x 3 turns, feed him mana … rinse and repeat

I used Rigard Proteus Khiona Mitsuko BT, not one of the bosses fired a special

But Guinevere will smash dark. No?

I can take rigard and maybe tibertrus

ן have kelly at second tier. I can take healer and take magni (3 tier)the end as a hitter and maybe i will heal him along the barriers

Don’t you think Riposte should work?

Last time i had same issue. This time I used Zikitty, Aznogh, Domitia, Richard and Tuburtus.
They all died really quick.
But if you can not them just bring 5x dragons, 5x bombs, 5x axes + aim to have all of your heros charged when you enter last stage.

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He still at tier one…truth is if i have enough mana and materials i would just feed hansel and he will smash them… but i dont have bones nor roots . Haha… need to farn more but no time…

Anzogh is good? I have him a 2.20 . I dont think he will help much but good to hear he helps…

Aznogh with decent damage and heal, rigard cleases your troops and heals, zim raises attack and domitia removes buffs, Tiburtus lowers defense from opposition so my combo worked really nice. Aznogh was at 3/ 60 rest of team max. i dont have proteus but he seems to be just the right hero to finish this king of stage.
I managed to have one purple diamond ready on the board and all heros charged. That helped a lot. I demolished them really fast. Anyway dont hesitate to use items that can be a lot of help.


This is the team and items I used for the beating last stage, if that helps. The key is go to final level fully charged and use Proteus to keep the bosses under control. Use bombs to reduce boss attacks in case they are about to fire and I used mana pots to charge Proteus if required, maybe you could do the same with Hansel. :slight_smile:


Strange you said so, I finished the difficulty this morning and found it relatively easier than I know it to be and I don’t know why.

I don’t have a fancy Hansel and my Proteus isn’t lved for this battle so I walked w healers and battle items… bomb/axe attacks can help reduce damage , and I suppose focus on Guien! It’s what I did and it worked , but I didn’t get lucky with several chains/cascades that helped w Wu’s ability active

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