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Hey all, long time lurker first time poster. I cruised through rare epic and legendary 14 no problem. Then I hit the wall with 15. I am running with
Riggard 4/70/13
Elkenon 4/80/1
Boldtusk 4/70/7
Leonidas 4/80/1
Hel 4/80/1

I also have
Marjana 4/80/1
Sartarna 4/80/1
Gormek 4/70/9
Kiril 4/70/4
Buddy 4/70/11
Kashrek 4/70/4
Magi 4/80/1
Tirburtus 4/70/0

I have only been playing since Christmas and just messing around. Now I realize I am probably doing it wrong. I had the bosses half health but then the kept healing and stealing mana. I tried to shut them down to no avail. I can’t find a new guide. Help a noob please

Welcome to the forum.
You have a nice roster for a new player.
I completed Legendary using a 3, 1, 1 team. With your roster l would try Rigard, Hel, Sartana, Leonidis & Bold Tusk. Bring Mana & healing potions, revive scrolls and arrows. Try to save your battle mats until the last round.
Good luck!

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My personal lineup if I had your roster would be Hel, Leonidas, Sartana, Rigard, and Boldtusk. I focus on as much mana control as humanly possible.


Agree with Aunty’s line up, also if you can bring some timestops, handy for when Hel is not ready to shut down mana gain. Shame you do not have Wu/Ranvir/Tarlak or Miki as they are a great help but persistence is key.
Focus on killing Lancealot first to get that left gap free so you can burn tiles to get your heroes mana up too.


You could also try…

Hel, Leo, Sartana, Tibs & BT.

Mana pots (I took mini and med) to keep Hel’s special active as I found mana block was the key in getting through legendry. The bosses never got a chance to fire.

Thinking Tibs would be more useful with his defense down, so fire his special before using Hel. I used Wilbur in the same way. More useful than Rigard’s cleanse and you’ve still got BT for his heal / attack boost too.


Good luck.

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With Hel I was able to prevent even 1 hero getting to fire their special, and that was only using 2 100% mana boosts.

I used 2 big HP boosts to revive, and 2 dragon attacks.

Evelyn, Gregorian, Boldtusk and Guardian Panther rounded out the team.

Thanks all for the help. I used the lineup suggested by Azure and brought big and medium mana pots, arrows, and Rez scrolls. I took out the lady of the lake first, then worked right

Took 17 minutes to finish, but I did one shot it. You all are awesome, really appreciate the help as I was about to give up


I actually do have Wu 4/70/1 and Ravir 4/10. Would it have been better to use them instead of Sartana? Not sure why I didn’t put them on the list. Ultimately I won but think it would have been easier with one of them instead?

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I’m having a heck of a time with Lady of The lake. Anyone else? No matter what I throw at her she heals herself too quick to beat. I see there is a chance to buy her. I am tempted because she is so tough to beat but I’m afraid I’ll get someone else like I did last time

Welcome to the forum.

You are not the only one finding the last stage tricky. There are lots of threads on this topic…

Good luck.

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I notice Layla who wish they would sale extra stars for has an affect. Does any other characters have poison over time

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Thanks for the helpful posts. I beat legendary bosses with Cypria.n, Hel, Ursena, Panther & Kiril. Has a hard time to beat epic, should have used Wu
or Miki.


Found epic harder than legendary, beat with Kiril, Ceadamon, Cyprian, Boldtusk and Proteus.

It’s probably best not to try buying a specific hero, especially if you are fairly new to the game. Once you have several good heros that you can get free from training camps, you’ll start to get a sense of how to use them well and Lady of the Lake isn’t that hard to take down. She’s a solid addition to many teams, but is not dramatically better than other 5* heros. Who is on your roster so far?

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@Wintergreensupreme It is best to not try and buy a hero because of rng. What is your roster like when facing Arthur, LoTL, and Guin? The other characters that have poison are Hel, Proteus, and I cannot remember any other high rarity heroes that have poison DoT.

Hel stops mana regen not a dot. Are you thinking of Sartana?

@Davesurfer Yeah, my bad. I wrote that in a rush and wasn’t thinking.

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