Knights of Avalon - Beating the Final Bosses

I’m creating this thread because I’m stumped on the Epic level 15. I’ve gone in with four different teams of emblemed 4s with all specials charged, full health, and lose every time. For those of you who are making it work, what’s your plan?

How do you deal with the mana control and healing of Guin and LotL?

Who are you bringing to the fight?

What items did you use?

Who did you take out first?

Share your strategies!


Okay, Last Time I used this:

My Rare Team This Time
Enemy Green:

Enemy Purple:

My Epic Team This Time
Enemy Green:

Enemy Purple:

For Legendary, will be the same except only switch Wu Kong with Poseidon.
And for final stage:

EDIT1: Epic finish
EDIT2: Legendary finish


Here is the team I used for Lengendary. MY strategy is pretty simple, keep Proteus going using potions if necessary until everyone is dead. I finished them off with axes when they were close. For epic I’ll use Caedmon and Tibertus instead of the fives because I don’t have many other fully leveled non-blue choices. I’m currently doing rare now with 2 levels to go with Bane, Melia, Brienne, Balthazar and Tyrum.


As @ffphier said above mana pots to keep proteus’ mana topped up made this easy.

Wilbur’s defense down made sure Jack & Scarlet did more damage when sniping too. Mel for healing saved on health pots.


Proteus certainly seems like an awesome asset here. Also Melendor/Sabina to dispel Guin’s heal. Too bad I have neither. I’m finding it much easier to take out Guin first as I can dispel her heal as opposed to LotL. When the lady fires, I have been using bombs to kill her minions outright. Going to try with Chao instead of BT next.

Chao-Rigard-Skittles-Caed-Tib. Skittles seems like the least helpful of the bunch since his atk-down is redundant with bombs, but at least his attack is strong against King Arthur.

Guin’s special drops mana by 20%, a small mana potion will bring it back and then some.


Tough call cos Boldie gives the attack boost to all heros, why not swap Boldie for Rigard? Not sure if his cleanse is needed more than the attack boost - Good luck

My team for Rare Namahage Jahangir Brienne Mnesseus Muggy

My team for Epic was Melendor, Rigard, Wu Kong, Scarlet, and Wilbur. I took out the Lady first, focusing all tiles on her, and when she makes minions, destroy them ASAP with bombs. Then took out Guin second.

I have played Legendary Boss twice and do not think I have the heroes to do it. Any non-Proteus 4* teams out there beat Legendary?

Try these teams. I didn’t have a problem beating lev 15. 14 was a pain though.



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I used this team for Epic 15:

I went into the Bosses with everyone charged and a red diamond on the board.

I fired all of my Special Skills from left to right, with Arthur in the middle targeted, and blew the red diamond.

I got a cascade that included another big red match, and all of the Bosses died immediately.

Absent the luck of that cascade, I would have nuked them with Bombs, Axes, and Arrows to finish them off.

Because of the cascade, I didn’t use any items at all.


For rare I used Belith +19, Mnesseus +19, Azar, Namahage +8, and Gill-Ra +18 or 19. Got through rare fairly easily. Had to use more mana potions as I climbed the stages. Epic I believe I am on stage 8 or 9. I am using Proteus, Cyprian, Belith, Sumitomo, and Colen. I am thinking about swapping out reds and going yellow or at least getting rid of Cyprian for Chao. Cause I am gonna need my one two combo for mana control.

My alt is gonna pose a problem because my only mana controller is Gan Ju. I got Mnesseus and Sonya as offensive dispellers and I do have Sabina as a healer dispeller. I just wish I had Proteus on both profiles.

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I ran these two teams one for epic other legendary.

the minions and defense down from buddy kept proteus safe being,he is not even capped yet, and timing of hansel and Peter’s specials was vital in keeping things calm. used sabina over rigard in case guin got her special off. only 2 of my heroes had emblems in epic and you can see the items I took for I fights making sure I was able to keep specials going if the board was bad. took a few times on each last stage to win, was not able to finish either on the first try.

legendary used hansel and gretel to take guin out first. toggling them with hel i was usually able to keep specials ready. arthur only hits one hero so once guin was down was easy to deal with arthur and lady of the lake.

just finished rare with this team


Tried some red/green first and completed (Namahage, Azar, Nashgar, Belith, Brienne)
Rerun with yellow/green - the bulldozer: Bane, Belith, Melia, Brienne, Gan Ju and on my alt it’s Melia, Hisan, Bane, Brienne, Gan Ju
Items: mainly healing for the last stages

Finished with Rigard, Melendor, Proteus, Caedmon, Tiburtus (TP 3451, Proteus on 4/61, Rigard +11, rest +1)
items: more mana than healing
Not started yet with my alt…only levelled 4* are Boldie, Grimm (ehh), Ameonna, Chao, Scarlett, maybe I take Melia in for Grimm and try…the mats would be very nice…

Almost the same team, switched Caedmon for Lianna, level 9 now

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I’m stuck on that level, I have that team (with less emblems) except for Scarlett, do you think Elena would do the job?

Just realised no5*…so…Gormek?

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I really think that mana controllers and if you have them, any of the sand Empire heroes will greatly help with reducing healing. Black Knight still makes me laugh every time he casts his special and I hit him when it is active. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

It is events like this one I wish I had Tibs or Gormek for defense down on my main. My alt has Tibs which is the funny thing. Hopefully when Avalon comes back around, I can beat both rare and epic on my alt.

What is everyone using for 3* rare?
I want to know what colour combinations everyone is using for the boss cos Guinevere is tough

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As I mentioned, I went red/green and yellow/green 3:2 for rare :slight_smile:

But for the boss stage what did you do?

Mneseus, Belith, Brienne, Azar, Nashgar - should they be good for stage 15?

Yes yes @notyou87 … I’m assuming they’re all maxed? That was my team - rare done and dusted!

Yes all maxed. Only Brienne is a +3 for talent grid, no others have any emblems on them.
I will take 5 Mana Potions for 60%, 20 regular Health, 5 super health (500 health) and arrows.

I didn’t change anything…it was tougher with green/red, with yellow/green it was absolutely no problem because of Brienne and Melia. The only one who fired on the last stage was Artur, Guin and the Lady were out before.

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