Kiril, emblem tree choice at 19, help needed

I have Kiril at +18 and the tree splits at 19 for either a healing bonus of increases healing when applied or a 2% mana bonus. With the 2% mana bonus what level 4* troop would I need to make him use less tiles. And is it worth it or should I just go with the bonus healing which is applied from any source I think its 4% increase from any healing.
I have proteus at 4.70 and I’m leveling isarnia but want to finish him. I know proteus could use them but Kiril was near done and very useful even with my 5*… Thanks.

Level 17 mana troops needed with 2% bonus on the tree. Drops tiles down from 10 to 9.

I took BT to level 19 just for that reason. So if you have the troops that makes a big difference. Obviously reaching level 17 is not unobtainable.

Much happier to get healer and attack boost of earlier.


If you have the mana troop for ice element then go with the mana bonus. It is always good to have his special go off earlier so that you can have the upper hand in a fight.

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I have a question then about the troops, etc. I asked a similar question about Melendor as he gets a 4% boost at +20. He is also average mana like Kiril. I was told that with a 4% boost he would only need a L11 mana troop which I just built but I still need a few more emblems to take him from 19 to 20.

That would take him down to 9 tiles as well from the original 10 needed from what I was told.
I know there is a chart that lists what level troop changes the tile depending on the mana speed. How is this calculated? DO you just multiply the mana boost(from troops or emblems) by the number of tiles needed for each mana speed(v. slow, slow, avg, fast, v. fast) and when it hits 1.0 that is one less tile needed?
Thanks for the info as well. I wasn’t sure if taking him to +20 was needed but one less tile is nice and my troops are already at L10,11 so 17 isn’t insane.