My Second Green 5* pick

I have enough tonics to ascend my second green 5* and would love to hear some opinions on who it should be.

If you have any other questions about my roster ask away.

Albi for def team, evelynn work pretty well at 70, Morgan is a pain to beat in def team at right wing and work well for offense but there is better hitter, I would do Albi then Morgan and finish with eve


Alby, because he’s one of the top 5 heroes in the game. Brilliant on defense, offense, wars, high level Titans, etc.

Not a contest for me, as much as I like Evelyn. (You already have Tarlak who is awesome on Titans, anyway).

First of all, ■■■■ ! You have some awesome options there! But I am with the above that Evelyn will work fine at 3.70 and Alby should be your next to be maxed. Amazing hero !


There can be only one: Albi

Eve and Tarlak works at 3/70.

Morgan for AW or tank. Albi is more useful.


Alby obviously. U’ll never go wrong with somebody who can change the defeat into victory


Looks like Alby has a lot of fans here. I’m surprised Evelyn didn’t get any love here.

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Lots of love for evelyn, but like they said, her skill works fine at 3-70, which is her biggest asset, along with the other 5* element debuffers. With the exception of guardian panther, youd have to have some pretty amazing heros to chose another over her in my opinion.

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I’d say Alby too, he needs to be maxed, Evelyn is usable at 3-70.


Eve is the second most important green I have. I run twin Lianna’s and Buddy with her for a pretty powerful hit. But my green Ace is +5 Mother North. She lets me hit almost with abandon and brings back my team from the brink so often.

And Alby is a bit better than North.

Go Alby.


I was leaning towards ascending Alby. The reason why I was considering Evelyn was because I’d like to do better against blue titans but I dont really have strong green hitters/snipers to pair with her. So ascending her would have at least made her sturdier. Buddy and Lianna would be awesome paired with her.

If titans are far and away your primary goal, you might be better off w Eve. I’d also consider Caedemon if you have him as a really strong 4* striker option. I’ve got mine at +9 and he’s part of my 2nd mono green team I made for wars vs blue tanked teams.

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Go for Evelyn! - titans, wars and events. She’s awesome :slight_smile:

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