Richard vs 2nd Frida

Greetings everyone,

I just pulled Richard and I’m curious about ascending him. I am C2P so I don’t anticipate dropping much money to get heroes of the month. I already have one Frida maxed with 7-8 emblems and use her pretty regularly for Titans, war, and events. I also have a second Frida sitting at 3-70. So, do I max Richard? Or go for the second Frida. The third option would be to wait for another blue 5* from TC20 (e.g., Magni). This would essentially be for war, raids, Titans, and possibly events.

As to my other blue heroes, I have Athena maxed (11 emblems), Grimm maxed (20 emblems), Sonya maxed (19 emblems and costume), maxed Kiril (13 emblems), another maxed Grimm, another maxed Sonya, and maxed Boril (I hardly use him). I do pretty well against red Titans with Frida, Athena, and Kiril, but maybe even better with Richard (??). I have other 5* heroes but will hold off on listing them unless people are curious. Thanks everyone in advance for your help.

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Frida + Grimm + Richard is a deadly combo in raid.

I will go for Richard.

Is there 5* ice healer?

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Richard is good choice, if you are lucky enough to get his costume, it would give you flexibility for Emblem quests too, since classic heroes with costume can participate in 2 classes which mean 4 talent quests.

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I would rather have a second Frida than Richard, unless you absolutely needed him for a blue tank. Richard does somewhat more damage to the middle target, but Frida does more overall damage since her special does full damage to all targets. Combine that with much better tile damage and I think brings more upside. Since you have both Athena and a beefed up Grimm it would be extra nice to have a Frida to pair with each of them for wars, if you ever needed to run multiple blue stacks.

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Richard is pretty good for its attack down status ailment. However I won’t consider Richard for titans since his tiles damages are low.

The combo frida + Richard is deadly but I guess 2 fridas work also well.

So I think what you should ask yourself is: do I want diversity or not?

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I would ascend Richard, but I like variety. Frida is the better hero, but you already have one maxed, so do you. Honestly, you’re fine either way. Good problems to have. :grin::+1:t2: