Kageburado or Khiona? Which one gets my mats?

Hi All, i haven’t been playing quite a year yet but I’ve spread myself thin by spending a little too much and now have a few tough decisions to make. My current defense team is (left to right): Zimkitha, Khiona, Magni, Evelyn, and Vivica.

Long story short I need to know if I should use my mats for final ascension of Khiona or Kageburado. I also have to decide between Evelyn and Lianna. (Vivica and Magni are already on 4th ascension and Zimkitha will be soon because she’s better than the others I have)… who should I fully ascend for Nature and Dark? Given how long it takes to acquire mats, I’ll use the same team on offensive for a while until I can ascend others.

For full scope of my hero possibilities I’ve put a list below of my other 5 star heroes (that I don’t have mats for)

Khagan, Elena

Morgan la Fey

Inari, Joon, Leonidas, Onatel, G. Owl

Obakan, Thoth-Amun, Boss-Wolf

Thorne, Aegir

Also, if it matters much, the following 4 stars are fully leveled: Grimm, Caedmon, Rigard, Wilbur, Wu Kong, Lancelot, and G. Jackal.

Thanks for the help!

Definitely Kage, he’s probably the best purple besides Hel and Panther.

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I vote Cage Burrito.


Yea I was leaning towards Kage myself :slight_smile: What about Lianna versus Evelyn given the rest of my team (including Kage Burrito?)… Also, suggested placements for who should be Rear, flank and tank?

I’d say Lianna. She’s the best sniper on a defense team.


Even though Kage and Magni do high attack and Evelyn does a debuff?.. I like her for dispelling buffs as much as the damage + def debuff, that’s why I find it hard to chose.

Still Lianna. Evelyn is only mediocre in defense unless you stack green on defense but that would create a bigger weakness.

Lianna has no fuss. Shoots and kills. That’s all there is to it.


Burrito + magni + lianna = 3 lethal snipers and a defense buff to boot.


Burrito > khiona is a no brainer but your green choices are more interesting.

Morgan is BAE for war so she is a GREAT option but she leaves a good bit to be desired when used cor anything else. I wouldn’t use mats om her for now.

Lianna is great all around but will shine on attack and attack heroes work just fine at 3/70 except for attack heroes like lianna where their special is a canon dependent upon attack. That being said she is a glass canon and often “a one hit wounder” (to quote a friend) meaning that when I have her on defense she often wounds but rarely kills and then dies herself or I win the def/attack raid etc. I would consider her strongly as she fits into nbn your team nicely.

Evelyn IS almost purely an attack hero and her main purpose is to debuff so she would work just fine at 3/70. She would be an obvious choice for ascension due to her dispell but you have kage. She is still in contention for ascension but she will work well at 3/70.

TL;DR - evelyn or lianna are great choices but lianna would be better on your team however you would be happier ascending evelyn in the long run.

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Great detailed reply! Eventually I will ascend them both but sounds like Lianna is the one to go with for now with my team.

That being, let’s talk positions. The current lineup from left to right is: Zimkitha,Burrito,Magni,Lianna,Vivica. Should I change that up?

I’m thinking maybe Vivica should he tank to heal faster when attacked by lining up like this: Burrito,Zimkitha,Vivica,Magni,Lianna. Magni and Viv can help keep each other alive while the snipers hit from the ends… is that better than Magni as tank?

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I like the vivica tank option MUCH better as you dont typically want slow heroes in the corners. The rest if the order looks great with burrito and zim being interchangeable depending in what you prefer.


I just maxed Kage and was excited to replace Kohnia (who is currently my tank, her dodge ability is great). But I’m now having serious doubts about adding him in since Kohina has been working well as a tank with over 150hp more than kage. Take a look see:

(Notice my temporary solution has been to replace Kage with Marjana)

What do you think? Should I keep Khoina around and save Kage for not raids?

I doubt you’d note much of a difference in trophies if you used Kage over Khiona tank, typically the best thing to do here though is to try it out as they’re both good heroes for defense teams.

The 2nd team looks better to me though, I don’t fear Marjana much without emblems since evade is what makes her a pain to fight in the wing. Kage I don’t ignore, with or without emblems.

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In my honest opinion it would have to be Kageburado 100%

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Onatel tank and Khiona + Kage as flanking heroes would be an interesting option as well.

Do you have any alternatives to Evelyn? I don’t like her much in defense. Most non-vanilla heroes (apart from Margaret of course) are better than Evelyn.


Evelyn is my only green 5*
I might try Onatel as tank.
Thanks everyone

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