Kunchen, Khiona, or Second Kageburado?

I’m about to have enough mats to push a second dark hero 5* to final ascension but couple use some opinions. I have reasons for leaning one way or the other but curious what others would do here. Here’s the skinny:

Def team (Left to Right) is: Zim, Kage, Viv, Magni, and Lianna.

Those are my only fully leveled 5 star heroes (Lianna is ALMOST done, rest are complete). So here’s the dilemma:

Second Kage: Obvious benefit from his dispelling before attack, double Kage would be pretty fun.

Khiona: Sitting at 3/70. No not the best option, but would give me more variety at least and not bad at all as secondary option.

Kunchen: I already have Viv fully ascended, but pushing Kunchen would give me variety option because I could replace Viv with something else (I do have Inari, Joon, Leonidas, Onatel and even Guardian Owl all on the bench waiting).


I would love to have Khiona for my attacks, both on raids and titans :slight_smile:
You already have one maxed Kageburado se Id say Khiona.

Kunchen could be a good PvP hero but would you bring him over Wilbur on titans?

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Good point! And I do have a maxed out Wilbur already :slight_smile:

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Move Magni over to replace Zim, and flank Viv with Kage 1&2. If you had two level 11 mana troops, would be nice.

What level titans are you fighting? Khiona + Wilbur is extremely good on titans, but I don’t know that you need to max her to take advantage of that. If she’s getting 1 shot too often then perhaps ascend her.

Even still I’d prolly go for a second Kageburado, for one reason alone. Being able to use him twice during war will go great in the current meta. Very fast heroes with level 11 mana troops go a long way in reducing variance. Reducing variance is the greatest way to maximize your 1-shot rate in war.

80 levels worth of stats (ATK) is still a great assets for titans.

I’m in a similar dilemma. I already have on Kage fully built and have a Khiona at 3-49. I was going to finish her, since I have the mats to do so; however, I pulled both Sartana and Kunchen last week. I was debating whether to finish Khiona or raise one of the other two. I’ve decided on Sartana because she is just too good of a striker to not immediately make use of. I considered not raising her, because Kage fulfills the same role, but, having her as well makes things more deadly. I’ll eventually get mats again; when I do, they will go to Kunchen next.

I was assuming those 80 levels were still present on the titan with 2x Kage.

Kageburado would be on titan’s team just on 1/5 of the colors, Khiona would be a staple with Wu Kong, Wilbur and two strong color flanking her.

Khiona isn’t given enough credit. She is awesome in raids and even on titans for that extra boost.

I use her in between Joon and Onatel raiding. She gives Onatel a nice little boost!


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