Are Kageburado or Sumitomo worth it?

So today I did about 4 Atlantis summons and got a Chochin, yet another Gill-Ra yay! (sarcasm), Sumitomo and a Kageburado. The first 2 I consider feeders but both Sumi and Kage were my first time getting those. I was pretty excited, especially because a 50% rate of getting 4-5* on pulls was pretty refreshing. Anyways I always thought those guys were solid heroes at least but after reading about them on other threads I don’t know anymore. I’m wondering if they are worth any attention. What do you guys think? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and some examples of my other red and purple heroes are: Boldtusk(Full lvl), Scarlett (4^1), Marjana, Wilbur, Colen. Purple: Ameonna (Full lvl), Domitia, Obakan (2^60), Sabina (2^1), Cheshire Cat.

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Kage is one of the best 5*s in the game. You’ll see him plastered all over Diamond defense teams. He’s the best Dark hero you have.

I hate that man.

Sumi–He’s OK. There are a lot of good 4* reds and you have better options. Wilbur, Scarlett, Marjana. He’s fighting w/ Colen for last off the bench, IMO.


Thank you. I thought Kage was pretty good I don’t why people were downplaying him. You know a hero is good when you cam admit you hate seeing them :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Kageburado isn’t good, he is absolutely awesome. In offense he needs a level 11 or higher 4* mana troop and he can load with only six tiles. Moreover, his ability to remove buffs before his special attacks perfectly counters heroes with riposte and allows him to still inflict like 700 to 800 damage when enemy heroes have defense buff, anti-special buff, extra def against purple etc.

I use Kage in maybe more than 95 % of all PvP fights no matter what the tank colour is (however he’s my only 5* sniper that isn’t lame average speed)


is kage worth it? As if you don’t know what you have and didn’t immediately jump for joy when you saw him appear.


I really don’t remember anyone ever posting that Kageburado was bad when he came out. A quick search didn’t turn up anything like that either. If you have time, please link me to whatever you read (I’m just extremely curious to see who said that and what their argument was).


I’ll see if I can find it again. I may have misunderstood but it really seemed like they were downplaying him. And i really wasn’t trying to troll lol



There’s one example of what I had seen. But admittedly after rechecking there are alot more references to his usefulness. I just like to check on heroes because I’ve been excited and used up alot of resources on other 4 and 5* heroes only to find out that they weren’t as great as I first thought or they are useful but in only very few situations (Captain of Diamonds for example).

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Kage - 110% yes.

Sumi - Meh, if you’ve got nobody better or are lacking reds he’s passable.

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Wow, thanks! Yeah, I didn’t think you were trolling. Was honestly curious since I really don’t recall seeing anything negative on him ever. Except maybe that he was cited during a spate of power creep arguments, since his dispel and then hit was (and I think still is) unique.

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Kage is gravemaker’s best friends. Together they rule the world of EP along with guin

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Dang ! Nice pulls mate, I have 2 Kages and he is an amazing hero, Sumi I do not have yet never had issues facing him so put him in the maybe pile for now and see if anything better comes up.

I was shell shocked reading that you had read Kage had bad reviews haha he is far from it and you will not regret maxing him. To be fair I am sure if you looked hard enough someone would say something bad about every hero in the game…so take it with a grain of salt and get feeding :slight_smile:

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Gill-rah is queen in the 3* raid tourney when skills are set to fast. She’ll mean mug you right into your grave if you aren’t careful.

Both Kage and Sumi are worth saving. Sumi’s attack stats are 665 when fully leveled. I use him in stacks and titans. I use Kage on my anti-guin team, even at 3/60.

The knock on Cage is he hits for less power if the opponents health is 50% or less. The reality is you only really have problems if the opponents health is between 35-50 % other then that he destroys them.So, target accordingly. Never worry about Boril Obakan Elena etc. You will actually seek them out in raids. Cage on Defense is pimp. Very fast is what makes him and GM over powered. I can honestly tell you having a hero like Cage just makes the game better lol

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Thanks guys. I’ll start feeding him right away! IvyData- i knew you weren’t saying that I was trolling. I just didn’t want to come across that way lol
And you’re right TofuTurkey, some people probably say bad things about every hero lol.
Hrairoo- I’ll keep her, him, it (whatever Gill-Rah is) around for those tournaments. And :joy::joy::joy: at that meme!

Now if only I can pull gravemaker lol (I feel the greed coming on lol)

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I’m one that’s downplayed him. He’s great early on in raids but there’s one big issue I have with him: he can’t finish anybody. I’ve run into this situation too many times: all opponents are just under 50% health, healers about to fire, and unable to finish off anybody.

That being said, I still consider him a top-tier hero

I would not have done this parody song if the Cage was not worth it… :smiley:


Definitely need to make sure I pair him with some fellow heavy hitters.

Lmao at the parody song!:joy::joy::joy: that’s how I feel about Azlar

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