Next Purple ... who ya got?

I am looking to start my next purple and am trying to decide who to give the tabards to or if I should wait.

Options: Zulag, Khiona, Quintus, Domitia (No costume for either one).
Object: Wars, Raids, Titans
Current Defense: Sartana+3, Skadi+4, Telly+15, Gravy+6, Joon+9(or Bai +13)
Current Max Purple: CRigard+19, CTiburtus, Proteus, Merlin, Sabina
4* Options: Cheshire Cat, Fura, Cyp

Rest of my roster:

Who would be best? Why? Wait for another hero?

Khiona or Domitia. I would go for Domitia due to her dispel but the two heroes are pretty good. I wouldnt spend on Zulag or Quintus. I would do Quintus only if you want to focus on a AOE purple team and rush wars/tournaments.
Otherwise your better options are either Kiona or Domi

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I agree with Khiona or Domnita. I’d give Khiona the edge because she’s better with titans. But Dom’s dispell buffs from three enemies is solid too.

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I would wait for another option unless you have at least 12 tabards to max either Dom or Khiona.

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I took Khiona to +18 following the attack path:

Average speed is awkward, but her healing element link and attack buff works very well against titans and for some 3-2 teams raiding teams (specially combined with Aegir or Wilbur).

Against titans: use cRigard first, and use Khiona skill last (or second last if using Wu or Ranvir).


I love Khiona personally. She’s still my most used purple even more than Panther or Seshat. Her boost is awesome for raids and wars if you put strong hitters next to her. Her snipe is underrated. The spirit link heal is great too. Without a doubt I’d say shes your best option.

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Fully agree, Sir. Twentylettersused

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A vote for the Cat! Terrific fun, and being a 4* can be maxed while you’re still deciding which legendary to blow your tabards on. After that you can’t go too far wrong with what they all said ^^

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Finished her today:

So far quite happy with her. I pair her with c.Tiburtus, and he becomes much stronger next to her. Her and Clarissa’s element links work very well together. Very solid hero - won me a war battle today and bunch of raids. Of course, you can wait for something much better, but imo, there’s nothing wrong with Khiona. :tipping_hand_man:t2:

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