Khagan or Nashgar?

I have:
Rigard (3^12 3rd Tier level 12)
Wu Kong (2^21)
Khagan (2^36)
Friar (3^1). I also have Melendor I’m trying to level and I just got a Kashhrek (any opinions on this are welcome)
Sonya (3^26)

Khagan is my tank for now, but his skill kind of sucks for a 5* and it’s slow Mana regen. My only sniper is Sonya so my team is more defensive and it hurts fighting some bosses who wipe me out in one hit. Wu Kong either helps me win battles I should’ve lost or lose battles I should’ve won so I intend to replace him

Khagan aslo has unreasonable Ascension items for Tier 3. I need 4 hidden Blades and 2 fine gloves and I’ve never seen any of those items. So I won’t be ascending him anytime soon.

I also have Nashgar who is a legit 3* red. He’s only 1^13 but I’m wondering if I should should start leveling him and replace Khagan. I feel like Nashgar might be better for the time being… Thoughts?

Khagan on 2/60 has way better stats than a 3* so for defense I think he might be Ok for now. As a reminder try to level 5-7 3* to max (for event and war) and then about 10-15 4* to max before you start with 5* heroes. They are no real asset on 2/60 or 3/70. 4* are way better (most of the time)

But if I already have 4* why would I wait to level them?

Here’s my other 3*:
Bane (2^27)
Brienne (1^13)
Oberon (1^1)
Nashgar (1^21)
Valen (1^1)
Tyrum (1^1)
Melia (1^1)
Friar (3^1)

So you are saying I should start maxing these guys now before maxing Wu Kong, Sonya, Melendor, Kashhrek, and Rigard?

Wu Kong

You lack offense. You other 2 should be Sonya and Bane.

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I agree to add bane. Thanks

This looks familiar.

First, Khagan is a tank. He absorbs hits, and has a hard special. Yes, he is slow, but that is design, and there is no reason to not use him with Nashgar.

Your healer is not just a color choice. Rigard is best used for dispelling. Melendor has a high attack stat and debuffs. Use one or both as needed when attacking depending on defense heroes.

I think you should look at where ascension materials are easiest to obtain before choosing to level 3* vs 4*. If you go with a 3* team for events, do so only if you are sure you have enough strength to finish the fifth level of tare quests, too. That might require mixing some 4s in.

That same caveat about 3s and team strength carries over to titans. You have to score 1/30 of the titan to get the loot tier of the titan’s level. This is an important consideration if you are in or join an alliance hitting higher level titans.

I dont know if you realise but the gap between 3* and 4* is very huge compared to the small gap between 4* and 5*. You should definetely proritize Khagan. By this time Killing Nashgar is as easy as killing an ant.

If you dont care for event you should focus on 4* and ignore 3* and 5* for now.

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