Dual Healers or Healer + Kashhrek?


My current lineup is: Rigard, Wu Kong, Khagan, Friar, Sonya.

Friar is at Tier 3 Level 20 and 8/8 Special.
Recently I summoned Melendor and then Kashhrek. My plan was to start leveling Melendor the replace Friar but now that I have Kashhrek I’m wondering if it would be better to go with Kashhrek on my main team.

I read that with Wu Kong having dual Healers with Rigard and Melendor can get deadly, but Kashhrek can help tank some damage with Khagan…


In the long run you’ll get way more use out of Melandor than Kashrek, but Sonya gives you a dispeller, too.

Kashrek is a great tank for mid-game, which is also a role that Khagan will fill.

It depends on if you’re looking to build for the long-term now or looking for more immediate success.


In 11 months of playtime and as an advanced player by now I can say I’ve almost never used dual healers and never needed it. Waste of space. For raids for the most part I don’t even take healers. On my alt account I have two kasshrek with GM in the middle…never put two greens side by side…but anyways…as it’s a free to play account two kasshrek works wonders. If you want a healer go melendor…but for raid defense up to the 2000 or so cup mark a Kasshrek mid tank is always a good choice surrounded by two red or two blue heroes. 2-3 of your team should be dedicated snipers/attackers in general. Wu kong sucks for almost anything except for titans and in events, but even then with Tarlak here Wu is irrelevant. Can always be replaced by gregorion or Ares, and of course kiril and boldtusk and khiona buff damage nicely. Lastly, khagan sucks. I wouldn’t max him unless you have no choice and never plan to pay money into the game.


Do you consider Kiril and Boldtusk healers? I’d be surprised if you always only take one healer and that included Kiril and Boldtusk.


2 healers on an attack team is very usable. Especially in wars with revenge arrows. You just have to make sure that the 3 heroes will be bringing a lot of damage with them and that is where Wu Kong is also very usable.

I have more than 30 heroes for war by now and the 2 Wu Kongs aren’t being left out. Will be several months till he sees less use and he will still be usable depending on the defense teams I will be attacking.

As for the OP question, Melendor is the better choice. His high attack stat works well with Wu and having 2 dispel isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Kash is mainly for defense.


Rigard and Melendor are both healers, but not the same at all. Dispell or debuff or both is the question you ask yourself before attacking.

If the color does not matter, you base who you bring as much on who you are fighting as on who is strongest. I add a dispeller whenever I see Azlar or Colen.

With your group, I might even move Wu to tank if he is maxed with Khagan on one side and Kasshrek on other flank until his strength is suitably high.

Not knowing how leveled up your heroes are, I would get Wu to 3^60 then Khagan to 2^60. Tile strength is important early days. Melendor fits that tile strength idea, too. His heal and debuff make more important to me than Sonya’s speed and debuff. Rigard is next for his dispell. Now, Sonya. Kashhrek is a luxury to me ss I see him more as a defensive hero, and defense comes well after attack.